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August 03, 2021

React Native plugin update - 6.0 📦

Version 6.0 of the React Native plugin is now available 🎉! This is a major release with breaking changes.

Native Batch SDK update

The React Native plugin is now linked with the latest version of the native Batch SDK (1.17), and you can update it manually on both iOS and Android.

Custom font for In-App messages 🎨

Personalize the In-App messages font: better match your app UI and offer your users a consistent experience throughout their journey.

New Inbox features 📨

You can now retrieve an unlimited list of notifications to display in the Inbox, and mark them as read or deleted.

Developer experience improvements ⚙️

The debug view facilitates Batch implementation testing, and chaining Batch User editor is now optional.

Bug fixes 🔧

This version of the plugin also fixes some bugs related to SDK opt-in methods, and Mobile Landing & In-App messages display.

Check out the documentation to learn more.

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