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April 17, 2020

Improved project URL detection

If you host all your projects on the same domain, you'll want to read this, promise. :)

We've just released an update to our browser extension that greatly improves the way we match your BugHerd Projects to the URL you're viewing.

Why is that interesting?

Well, for some of you who host lots of different sites on the same domain, you might have noticed that sometimes your tasks ended up in the wrong project. Super confusing and very frustrating when it happened, we know.

What do we mean by multiple sites on the same domain?

For agencies, you might host client sites on the same staging server, something like the example below.

  • staging.youragency.com/client1-website/
  • staging.youragency.com/client2-website/
  • etc. 

For e-commerce stores, maybe you have different sites for different countries, for example.

  • www.mystore.com/us/
  • www.mystore.com/au/
  • etc.

Or for online course providers, all your courses probably live on the same domain, something like this.

  • www.mystudy.com/technology/machine-learning-101
  • www.mystude.com/design/introduction-to-photoshop

Any of these examples used to be problematic for the BugHerd browser extension, but not anymore.

What do I need to do? Nothing, your browser extension should update automatically.

Of course, if you have any questions, or run into any problems. Please feel free to get in-touch in the comments below.


The BugHerd Team.

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