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August 05, 2021

Recent Updates to Chartmetric

🗞️ In the News 

We've added "In The News," which aggregates press about an artist so you can easily see which publications have mentioned them recently. We pull our data from 61 distinct news sources on a daily basis. For example, for Khalid we show up to 100 recent articles that mention him, ranging from sources such as Rolling Stone, Variety, The New York Times, Pitchfork, Complex Magazine, and many others. Now you can get all your news in one place!

Artists' Gender and Pronouns

As part of our company's broader initiative to raise awareness about gender equity and equality in the music industry, we've introduced Gender and Pronouns into artist profiles. Developing this new database was a highly nuanced process, but we are proud to now have 454,445 pronoun-differentiated artists. Read more about our process and initiative here.

Moreover, we offer an easy way for anyone to submit a request to update this information. Help us get things right!

🎵 TikTok Country Charts

We've made TikTok Country Charts available on the global Charts tab, as well as on each Artist Page > Charts section. You can now get a sense of what's trending in each location and build more personalized and effective social strategies.

📸 Instagram Audience: Brand Affinity and Interests 

We added a new "Audience Interests" section, which analyzes an artist's IG followers' post captions, @mentions, #hashtags, and location tags, thereby calculating their likelihood of interest in certain topics (or in the case of Brand Affinity, specific brands.) Also new, instead of displaying Brand Affinity and Interests as percentages, we are showing them as multipliers. All of this can help you determine the best brand partnerships and advertising opportunities.

📈 Cross Platform Performance (CPP) Improvement

CPP is our proprietary metric we use to rank artists across all streaming and social platforms. Read more about it here. It's an extremely powerful, though new, metric and we've now made it even more useful. We added CPP Rank by genre and subgenre to the About Artist Summary section. This breakdown can give you a better sense of where your artist stands among peers, not just globally.

Dashboard: Recently Viewed

You can use our new "Recently Viewed" links on the Dashboard to navigate back to Artist pages you've visited most recently.

API Additions

We've added the following datapoints to our API:

  •  Historical Spotify track streaming data
  • SoundCloud streams
  • TikTok Country Charts

Other Updates

  • You can now use "custom tags" to organize and filter your Dashboard lists
  • We've added a "Country" column to Spotify, Apple & Deezer Playlist tables and Spotify & Deezer Report tables
  • On Artist Pages, you can now "View More" Artist Insights ****and see a list of all the noteworthy milestones reached by that artist
  • We've added the ability to filter by "Date Range" in the Album List page
  • Tiktok "Top Weekly Users" CSV exports now include user profile hyperlinks
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June 11, 2021

Recent Updates to Chartmetric

Chart additions: Apple Music Top Tracks by City, SoundCloud Trending

We added a few new charts, further expanding our already extensive chart coverage. You can now see Apple Music's Top Tracks across 106 cities in 46 different countries. We also added a Trending chart for SoundCloud so you can stay up to date with the tracks that are going viral. We are tracking 1.8 million tracks on SoundCloud every day, so we know which track gained the most number of streams. Every day, we pick 1,500 of them per genre, and show them here. Check this out here.

Fan Base and Engagement rank added to Dashboard

As part of our recent changes to Cross-Platform Performance (CPP) Rank, we broke performance into Engagement and Fan Base. Now, it's easy to see the ranks of all your followed artists by going to your Dashboard. This should help you get a quick overview of the artists you care about.

Spotify streams data on track pages

We are very excited to announce that we now have the Spotify stream count for the top tracks of each artist. On Track pages, you can find it in the "Stats" section for the historical view or in the "About Track" section with the other Summary Stats. We hope this helps you better understand the virality of top tracks and what people are listening to.

Line and Melon stats and charts

We expanded our global coverage of digital streaming platforms with Line (Japan, Thailand) and Melon (South Korea). It's important to have a global view of the music industry and now you have access to data from more music markets than ever with this addition.

Option to sort by percent change of metrics on Artist List page

You can now sort the Artist List page by the 28-day growth in metrics like Spotify Monthly Listeners, TikTok Followers, and so many more. While it's important to know which artists are at the top, it can be just as important to know which are growing the most. Sorting by the percent change will show which artists have grown the most in the selected metric.

One-click navigation from Track and Album pages to Artist

Sometimes you find an interesting track and want to learn more about it. Then, intrigued by the track, you want to learn more about the album it's on or the artist that made it. In the past, you had to poke around to find the right link. Now, it's easy with one-click navigation on the sidebar.

Allow for user to toggle email updates for notifications

Maybe your email inbox is a bit full at the moment. Maybe you already live on Chartmetric, soaking up notifications as they come in and don't need the email reminders. Regardless, you can now turn off email updates summarizing recent notifications by going to your Settings page and using the toggle.

Other changes


- Top TikTok Stat API

- Twitter Retweets in the API


- Renamed "Social" to "Stats" and reorganized

- Hide null values from summary stats

- API documentation

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April 21, 2021

We made a few updates that you may have already noticed and some you might not have.

First off, we changed the navigation bar at the top. We found that the navigation bar was very crowded and would often disappear on devices with slightly smaller screens. We're also planning on adding some additional views in the future and really couldn't fit them anywhere. Everything is still there, we just grouped together our Advanced features (Compare, A&R, and Report) as well as our pages that feature lists such as Artists, Curators, Playlists, etc.

We also heard from customers that they'd like to sort artists by percent change on their Dashboard. We added a toggle that you can use to change the primary metric to percent change so you can sort.

To make things a little easier, on Track pages, we made it easier to compare Chart Scores across platforms. Instead of being only able to see one at a time, you can select multiple. Again, this is only available on Tracks pages because on Artist or Album pages, you can select different tracks to compare.

Also on the tracks page, we've improved our coverage of composer data. You'll be able to find the composers of many more tracks than before!

As always, please let us know what you think and if you have any questions, reach out to hi@chartmetric.com.

The Chartmetric Team

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April 12, 2021

Recent Updates

It's been a while since we gave you an update, but we've been hard at work. Here are just some of the things we've done over the last couple months:

- Updated the Playlist and Charts sections on Artist profile pages so they're easier to use and better looking.

- Improved search to run faster.

- Added custom tagging for artists on the dashboard so you can categorize the artists you follow.

- Unfortunately, we had to limit the Spotify Monthly Listeners Audience section on Artist profile pages because Spotify are not currently making top 50 city data publicly available. Artists and managers are still able to see this data for their own profile(s) in Spotify for Artists. You do still have access to historical data prior to the change, but it will not be an accurate depiction of current values.

- On the other hand, we increased YouTube coverage from top 50 to top 100 cities or countries for artists.

- Added Line and Melon charts

Please let us know what you think or if you have any questions!

The Chartmetric Team

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