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August 06, 2019

Product improvements

In our ongoing efforts to make the Dixa product better, we've recently added these new improvements:

🙅‍♀️ Highlight that another agent is already working on a conversation

Sometimes it's a little difficult to notice if another agent has already claimed a conversation that you might also be looking at. For these cases, we've now made sure that you get a warning if another agent is already working on the conversation, so there is no confusion and no double work done.

🔝 Performance updates across the Dixa interface

Have you noticed a little lag sometimes here and there? We have taken your words seriously and invested time and effort into optimizing the performance of the agent interface. This way Dixa can run even smoother now and you can put all your time in serving your customers 👩‍❤️‍👩

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July 26, 2019


At the heart of any good relationship is the history that you share.

Today, we start the rollout of the Timeline, which helps you easily get an understanding of your conversation history with each customer. The Timeline will be available on your account within the coming days.

The Timeline lets you:

  • Get an at-a-glance view of your relationship with each customer. 👀
  • Understand how often you communicate 🕐
  • See which channels you usually communicate on 📱💬💌
  • Easily navigate to recent conversations to gain a better understanding 🤹‍♂
  • Navigate to all previous conversations 🔚

The new Timeline is available on all conversations and lets you see every conversation you’ve previously had with each customer across channels, highlighting the most recent conversations. This way you can easily navigate to recent conversations that might be relevant for your current conversation.

But you can also get a quick overview of your entire history with each customer by taking a look at the smaller markers, where each line represents a conversation:

By simply looking at the lines, you can quickly understand if you’ve ever communicated before and how often you communicate.

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July 04, 2019

Side Conversations

The relationship you have with your customers is continuous - like a good friendship. We already tie conversations with the same customer together across channels (viewable from the conversation history) and we’ll make this relationship even clearer with a timeline coming soon.

But sometimes you need to reach out to others as part of your ongoing relationship with your customers.

That why we wanted to tell you about an exciting new feature called Side Conversations, which you might have noticed when answering conversations.

👫Conversations on the side

Side Conversations allows you to have conversations on the side of your existing conversation. Why is this needed? Sometimes you need to reach out to others to ensure you solve the customer’s problem. Maybe it’s one of your colleagues, maybe it’s the shipping provider or maybe it’s an external warehouse.

With Side Conversation you gain the overview you were previously missing. A side conversation is tied back to the conversation you are having with your customer, ensuring it’s always easy to find.

Side Conversations have all the features of normal conversations, meaning you don’t have to compromise. For now we only support email, but phone is coming because you should be able to write and call when you need to solve a customer’s issue.

🆙 New capabilities unlocked

New functionalities in Side Conversations at a glance:

✅ Create related conversations directly from the text editor

✅ Copy paste text from the original conversation in one click - so it’s easier to reference

✅ See all Side Conversations you created with ease

✅ Easily identify Side Conversations via the visual hierarchy

⤵️ How do Side Conversations work?

You will have the ability to create a Side Conversation directly from the text editor on all conversations:

For a quicker workflow you can copy paste text from the original conversation with one click, so you can easily convey the context of your request to any third party.

Once you send your Side Conversation, you will always see it attached to the original conversation. This is indicated below the conversation:

This means a Side Conversation is tied back to your conversation with your customer, ensuring it’s easy to reach. So, navigating between conversations and Side Conversations is intuitive and quick:

📝 Oh and one more thing: Upgrading “Send transcript”

When you want to send a transcript of a conversation, you can now see the transcript pasted into your new message and add any context needed for the receiver.

For now you cannot see your signature in a transcript but it will be automatically added, so no need to paste it in again.

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June 25, 2019

An improved writing experience

Writing great responses to your customers is core to building stronger connections. Today, we will begin the rollout of a new writing experience on email, chat and messaging.

You will find the updated experience when replying to customers, writing internal notes and when composing new emails.

It will be rolled out to all accounts over the coming days. Be ready for the updates that are coming, by reading all about it below.

More solid

We know that bugs and glitches can be distracting when typing that perfect response, so we have focused on creating a smoother and more solid writing experience. We now also have better ways of effectively improving any issues that might come up in the future.

Updated look

We have updated the look of the icons a bit making them slightly smaller and less intrusive, giving you have more focus on the text you are writing. Formatting is now available under the A icon, giving more focus to links, files, emojis and Quick Responses.

Here you can also clear the formatting if your text, by clicking the clear formatting icon to the right in the toolbar. This is great if you’ve pasted in content, that you want to look a bit more clean.

Links, images and headlines are kept, when using the Clear formatting button.

Inserting and attaching files

We now support dragging files and images into the text area to insert them. For emails you can choose whether the files/images should appear inline or be added as attachments to the email.

You can also attach files by clicking paperclip icon or insert them by clicking the upload button in the toolbar:

Oh and by the way, you can also copy paste in images to the editor.

Quick Responses

Quick Responses have been rebuilt to improve their effectiveness. When clicking the Quick Responses icon you can now search directly for any Quick Response.

As previously you can type = to insert a Quick Response, but we’ve improved the search, so when you type you don’t have to be as specific as before to find the right Quick Response. You also get a short preview of the Quick Response text so you can make sure you are using the right one.


Emojis are becoming increasingly important when building connections with your customers. We’ve acknowledged that and added all emojis to the new emoji picker. You can also navigate emojis by category, making it easier to find that new cool emoji to use.

If you want to quickly insert emojis, simply type : and start typing.

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June 11, 2019

Changes to the Conversations overview

In our efforts to better utilize different colors, so you know when to react to them, we have updated the Conversations overview to use new colors and added in more information. The change will be available on your account over the coming days.

New colors

We no longer use colors to differentiate conversations by channel. Instead, we now use colors to represent each conversation’s status: green if it’s open, blue if it’s a follow-up and grey if it’s closed.

This is to make it easier to see what the current status of each conversation is and is also consistent with how we display it on the conversation itself and when searching.

If you want to know the channel of a conversation, simply look at the icon or the conversation details beneath the title:

For all conversations except email, you can also see the channel in the title (for emails we show the subject instead):

More information

With this change, we have also added the i-button that you might be familiar with from a conversation. Clicking it gives you more information about the conversation, without having to open the actual conversation.

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June 04, 2019

Showing emails that fail to send

Sometimes when you send an email, it cannot be received by the recipient. You have most likely tried to receive those messages about emails not being delivered. Generally, it’s because the email address doesn’t exist or because it’s over its limit.

We now inform you if an email that you sent was not received. Emails failing is generally out of both your and our control, so we recommend trying to contact the customer on another email address or through another channel.

When sending fails, you will both receive a notification inside Dixa and you will be able to see it on the message itself:

Hovering over it will show more details about why it failed and what you should do resolve it.

There are currently three reasons that an email might fail:

  • The receiver does not appear to exist. Please ensure the mail address is correct and try again.(Reason: hard-bounce)
  • The receiver cannot receive the email right now. Please try again later.(Reason: Soft-bounce)
  • Sending address is most likely blacklisted. Try to send from another mail address. (Reason: Rejected)
  • Sending failed. Please try sending the email again.(Reason. Unknown)
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