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June 11, 2019

Changes to the Conversations overview

In our efforts to better utilize different colors, so you know when to react to them, we have updated the Conversations overview to use new colors and added in more information. The change will be available on your account over the coming days.

New colors

We no longer use colors to differentiate conversations by channel. Instead, we now use colors to represent each conversation’s status: green if it’s open, blue if it’s a follow-up and grey if it’s closed.

This is to make it easier to see what the current status of each conversation is and is also consistent with how we display it on the conversation itself and when searching.

If you want to know the channel of a conversation, simply look at the icon or the conversation details beneath the title:

For all conversations except email, you can also see the channel in the title (for emails we show the subject instead):

More information

With this change, we have also added the i-button that you might be familiar with from a conversation. Clicking it gives you more information about the conversation, without having to open the actual conversation.

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