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June 04, 2019

Showing emails that fail to send

Sometimes when you send an email, it cannot be received by the recipient. You have most likely tried to receive those messages about emails not being delivered. Generally, it’s because the email address doesn’t exist or because it’s over its limit.

We now inform you if an email that you sent was not received. Emails failing is generally out of both your and our control, so we recommend trying to contact the customer on another email address or through another channel.

When sending fails, you will both receive a notification inside Dixa and you will be able to see it on the message itself:

Hovering over it will show more details about why it failed and what you should do resolve it.

There are currently three reasons that an email might fail:

  • The receiver does not appear to exist. Please ensure the mail address is correct and try again.(Reason: hard-bounce)
  • The receiver cannot receive the email right now. Please try again later.(Reason: Soft-bounce)
  • Sending address is most likely blacklisted. Try to send from another mail address. (Reason: Rejected)
  • Sending failed. Please try sending the email again.(Reason. Unknown)
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