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February 18, 2020

Conversation histories πŸ˜‡

Thanks to everyone for passionately advocating for the Conversation History card in the side bar! We sincerely apologize for the early removal of this feature and have now enabled it again.

We understand that the Conversation History card has valuable information that our Timeline is currently still missing. We will work on improving the Timeline and will keep the Conversation History card until that is done.

Sorry Joey Tribbiani GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY - GIPHY - GIPHY

We are happy about more feedback around why you are using the Conversation History card, so we can make sure to explore all use cases for the Timeline!

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February 18, 2020

πŸ‘­ Timelines of your customer friendships

Today we have removed the conversation history card in your side bar in order to give more weight to the conversation timeline that shows you the context and frequency of your relationship with your customer.

The timeline lets you:

  • Get an at-a-glance view of your relationship with each customer. πŸ‘€
  • Understand how often you communicate πŸ•
  • See which channels you usually communicate on πŸ“±πŸ’¬πŸ’Œ
  • Easily navigate to recent conversations to gain a better understanding πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚
  • Navigate to all previous conversations πŸ”š

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February 13, 2019

Coming Tuesday: New Chat Widget

On Tuesday Feb 19 we will update your Chat Widget to a new improved design.

This will affect your customers using your chat via your website, but not affect the agent workflow, where agents will handle chats the same way they do today.

Please familiarize yourself with all the changes by reading "Product Preview: New Chat Widget" below. Another post will be added here on Tuesday when the new Chat Widget has been rolled out.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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January 01, 2019

Release Notes - December 2018

πŸ’¬ Facebook Messenger is live!

Dixa is about being where the customers are. That’s why we've added a new channel to the mix: Facebook Messenger!

With the addition of Facebook Messenger, you can answer private messages you receive on your Facebook Page(s) in Dixa as new conversations and prioritize them with your other conversations.

Because we are a channel neutral platform, Facebook Messenger conversations work just like any other conversation in Dixa and include:


Note: While you can turn on/off Facebook Messenger in presence you still need to setup Facebook Messenger before it works (see setup below).



Workload limit

Conversation view

Tags, Notes & More...

πŸ”Ž Filtering

Use all the features you're already used to, like transfer, close, mark as follow-up and sending messages. Oh and we have a neat little Emoji feature too!‍


You need to setup Facebook Messenger as new channel, which requires a rather advanced flow (thanks to Facebook), which can take some time to complete. You can set it up under Settings > Channels & Routing > Facebook Messenger.

*Facebook Messenger conversations can currently go into a queue, but do not have flow builder options yet. We expect to build these out at a later time.

πŸ”Ž Filter on multiple of the same parameter

You can now select multiple of the same parameter when filtering your list of conversations:


This means that you can, for example, see all Chat and Facebook Conversations that are Open and in multiple Queues. Go ahead, try it out!


πŸ”€ Caller routing

You can now route calls based on the phone number that is calling. This action can be found in your Call Flow editor under Caller routing:


Once selected, you can specify which phone numbers you want to route by: language, country code, city code etc.



In the above example I am specifying the country code for Denmark, Sweden and Norway (aka Scandinavia). After specifying it, you can route based on whether or not it’s a match:


🚫 Abandoned call offers

You can now offer calls or chats that have been abandoned as new conversations to agents. If a customer is calling or chatting and hangs up or ends the chat before reaching an agent (perhaps because of the wait time), you can offer the abandoned conversations to agents, so they can follow-up with the customer.

You probably won't want to follow-up with every single customer, but rather follow-up with specific customers like your VIP customers. Therefore, you can specify whether you want to offer abandoned conversations by queue:

Installing Dixa at Scale

Dixa provides a Microsoft Installer packages (MSI) for IT Administrators to install Dixa for Windows for multiple users. These packages are recommended for customers who need to deploy Dixa on hundreds or thousands of machines. If you don't need to deploy Dixa at large, please use the installer found here.


Who is the MSI installer for:

The MSI installer is best for companies where employees work from their own machine and want Dixa update automatically.

MSI installer features:

  • Dixa will be installed to %LOCALAPPDATA% folder
  • Every user maintains their own version of Dixa
  • Automatic updates are downloaded and installed for each user
  • No need for maintenance - Dixa will keep itself up-to-date and secure
  • Dixa will be installed upon user login on Windows

🌟 Improvements

  • Improvements to German TTS announcements
  • Removed channel option when creating a new agent


🐞 Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed auto-update feature in Desktop app
  • Busylight no longer turns off when rejecting an offer while on a call
  • Error regarding receiving offers upon login has been resolved
  • Placement of the typing indicator in agent interface has been fixed
  • Reporting of online agents for each queue in dashboard now reflect the correct number
  • Show all online agents for all channels, regardless if the channel is being used by the channel.
  • When making an assisted transfer, we now show a new notification while the receiver is responding to the call. In that notification it will only be possible to click "Take back" to prevent the end-user ending up in limbo if the call gets transferred prematurely. When the receiver responds, the complete transfer button will appear in a new notification.
  • Issue relating to spell checker in the Desktop App for Mac regarding detection of system language has been resolved
  • Added a validation error when a facebook messenger message is over the char limit (2000)

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December 03, 2018

Release Notes - November 2018

We are excited to announce that we have a new way to deliver product updates! The updates that have traditionally been described in our monthly Release Notes delivered to your inbox will now be displayed within Dixa as they occur for your convenience.

πŸ‘€ What to expect:

  • You will now see a gift icon in the upper right corner of Dixa 🎁. This is where you can find the latest product updates.
  • Once new product updates have been posted, the icon will receive a purple notification.

*If you do not see the gift icon, refresh your browser window or desktop app and it should appear.

  • When the icon is clicked, a window will open displaying the most recent product updates.
  • To close the window, simply click the X (you can always reopen at a later time).


🎡 New Notification Sounds

You can now choose what sound you want for each individual channel (Email, Chat, Phone) and notifications under Settings > Profile:

We have 7 different sounds to choose from AND you can even choose no sound if you prefer silence.


🚨 Customer Presence in Chats

When agents view an open chat conversation, they can now see if the end-user is offline:

The user is offline if they closed the tab with the active chat for more than 30 seconds. If they reopen the site they will no longer be offline. On mobile browsers, the user will be offline when the website isn't being viewed.

This should help agents to know if the customer will see their replies.


πŸ”„ β€œUpdating” on Conversations

When viewing the Conversations overview you might occasionally see a little "Updating" pill on a conversation:

This means that we are currently updating our databases for this specific conversation. Once the update is completed, the pill will disappear and the conversation will either fade in or disappear depending on which filters you've chosen in the overview.


⌨️ Disabling Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now disable the keyboard shortcuts under Settings > Profile:

We added this ability after seeing a few clashes with existing keyboard shortcuts. We try to avoid this, however, there is always a chance that we could be clashing with existing keyboard shortcuts, so this gives the agent the choice to turn them off.


πŸ”Ž Filter by Assigned

You can now filter by Assigned in the Conversations overview. By clicking By assignee > Assigned you can see all conversations that are assigned to an agent:

You can as also always filter by Unassigned.


β†ͺ️ Shortcut From Dashboard to Conversation Overview

You can now click each of the queue names on the Dashboard to see the Conversations overview associated with each queue. Don't get it? Try it out by going to the Dashboard (that's the house icon) and clicking one of the queues to the left.


πŸ“¬ Email Composition: Autofill Outgoing Email Address

When you compose a new email, it will automatically select the outgoing email address you used last. This means you no longer have to specify the outgoing email address every time you write an email unless you are changing it.


🌟 Improvements

  • The collapsible sidebar is now live.
  • Clear search string when clicking X in the search bar.
  • Clear search after adding a tag on Compose email.
  • We have made the template editor bigger so you now can see more text.
  • We have added Voicemail as a sub-channel to the Voice channel, so it's now possible to set your Voicemail presence separately from your phone presence. It’s available in the presence drop-down when you expand Voice.
  • Phone numbers are sorted with the lowest phone number first.


🐞 Squashed Bugs

  • Remove agent from queues when the role has been changed to End user.
  • You can now scroll to view outbound numbers on small screens when making outbound calls.
  • Chrome audio policy change: a notification is now shown if the agent has not interacted and a sound should be played.


πŸ”œ Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that Dixa will soon welcome a new friend to the platform, Facebook Messenger! To get a sneak peek, check out our latest Product Preview.

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November 02, 2018

Release Notes - October 2018

πŸ” Filter Conversations on Multiple Parameters

You can now select multiple parameters when filtering in your Conversations Overview. This means that you can filter: Sales Queue + Chat + Open, for example.

We also added in the ability to filter based on direction (Inbound, Outbound or Internal) and moved the Unassigned filter option under the Assignee filter. Your own conversations can be found by filtering under the Assignee filter.

Additionally, we’re currently working on the ability to filter based on multiple filter options within a single parameter (e.g. Phone + Chat), so stay tuned!


➑️ Transferring Closed Conversations

You can now transfer any conversation to a queue even if it has already been Closed (or is marked as Follow-up). This allows agents to act on Closed conversations that need more work.

When a Closed conversation is transferred to a queue, it becomes β€œOpen” again and will be offered to available agents in that queue.

Conversations occurring in real-time are always prioritized over re-queued conversations when offered to agents.


✏️ Starting a New Conversation From a Closed Call or Chat

When a call or chat has been closed, agents can start a new conversation by simply clicking β€œMake call” or β€œCompose email” at the bottom of the conversation. This starts a new conversation with the customer.

☝️ Follow-up Conversations and Callbacks

We are no longer automatically converting Follow-up phone conversations to β€œCallbacks.” This means that when you accept an offer for a Follow-up phone conversation, it will not automatically call back the customer as it has previously done. We've also made it clearer that it's a Follow-up conversation that is being offered.‍


πŸ“ž Set Outbound Callback Number

You can now select which outbound callback number you prefer to call customers back from.

Go to: Call flow > Edit Callback action > Select callback outbound number.


πŸ”› Collapsible Sidebar [Coming Soon]

In the next couple weeks, we will be rolling out a collapse feature for the left sidebar (that's the purple one) giving you more space to focus on the important stuff. Collapsing and expanding the sidebar can be achieved by hovering over the right side of the sidebar and clicking.

Your team list will be hidden once the sidebar has been collapsed, but clicking the team icon at the bottom will expand the sidebar and show your team list.


🌟 Additional Improvements

  • The chat widget is now available in Polish.
  • When creating a completely new Dixa account, the workload limit under Settings > Organization & Team is now set to 1 as default.
  • If an agent is having trouble with the Jabra integration you can now disable it in the Desktop app under Edit > Enable | Disable Jabra in the top bar of the application.
  • If an agent has trouble using the keyboard shortcuts, they can now disable them by going to Settings > Profile.
  • When sending an email transcript, the subject line will be retained.


🐞 Squashed Bugs

  • Issues related to claiming closed conversations has been resolved.
  • Hold music is now looped.
  • Issue related to the "to" and "from" addresses being missing on contact form and other conversations has been resolved.
  • Bug when opening Dixa with Click-to-call has been resolved.
  • Agents now get a notification when assisted transfer β€œto” number can't be delivered.
  • The ordered list (bullet list) and unordered (number list) list icons was switched in the text input field.
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