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September 10, 2020

0.1.10 Color and Business Areas

When you log in now, you will be given 10 Life areas and 4 business areas and you will be able to set the colors for them.

June 09, 2020

01.1 - Vision Board

This is our first release! Horray!


In the Life Areas tab, when you first log in, you will be given ten areas of your life. You can create the vision for this area, set the integrity your life has to it currently, and define how happy you are with that area of your life.

Next, you can click on the images uploader to upload your four vision board images. After you have uploaded your images, you can save them and go to the Vision Board.

On the Vision Board, you will find the areas of your life sorted by ones you most want to work on. If you click on the area it will flip around to show you the ultimate vision that you created with the corresponding integrity color.

We hope you enjoy this first release!

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