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April 01, 2021

How we've transformed your research data

With the new release, one thing that we've not kept is our research feature. But we've done our best to keep your data and this is what we've done with it.

1. The title and description of the research is used to create a new channel (Research Title => Channel Title) with a fixed colour of 'deep-purple' (which was the colour of the research section).

2. All notes of the research are added to this new channel.

3. The research plan is converted to a new note with the title "Research Plan - {research title}" and added to the channel as well.

4. The Research Report is converted to a new insight with title "Research Report - {research title}"

Feel free to reach out to us via email here, or on Intercom to get more support on this change.

Claire Seah
Product Designer

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