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April 27, 2021

Making CRM Contacts and Organizations Private πŸ—οΈπŸ”’

This is finally happening...You can now hide individual CRM contacts and organizations from other teammates/sales reps/etc. and ensure the privacy of your client database. We’ve just added an option to allow users with the Employee access level to see only those contacts and organizations they’re assigned to (owners).

CRM module administrators are still able to see and edit all the CRM records. The account admins can configure this option to make contacts and organizations private by going to the System Settings β†’ CRM β†’ Main Settings.

One more thing: you can now disable your users from seeing emails connected to projects, tasks, opportunities and CRM accounts. From now on, no need to worry that your colleagues will read something they are not supposed to. On the contrary, if this option is selected, the users will be able to view the emails linked to specific objects even if they cannot access the email account connected.

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March 26, 2021

What’s new: Custom Domain and New UI for Kanban Boards 🎯

Set Up a Custom Domain

Each Flowlu portal has its unique subdomain, e.g. yourcompany.flowlu.com. From now on, instead of pointing your users to the default Flowlu URL, you can use a custom domain. For instance, you can map company.flowlu.com to company.com or portal.company.com. Once you create a custom domain in Flowlu, the free SSL-certificate will be generated and enabled automatically for your domain.

How to configure a custom domain

ο»Ώο»ΏCustom domain is available at Enterprise subscription plan only.

Clean Interface for Kanban Boards

The Kanban boards across all modules have been refreshed and got an improved UI. They’re now more modern, clean and easier to use. Each task card now includes the name of a specific project or opportunity. This allows you to quickly navigate to the detailed information. Additionally, the card also indicates the number of comments for each task.

Project Workflows
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March 16, 2021

Meet Your New Tasks: Kanban Board for All Tasks and Enhanced To-Do List πŸ“‹

It's time we share some recent, notable product updates! Today they’re with a special emphasis on improving the usability and capabilities of the Tasks module. Now you can view your assignments right from the Tasks module in multiple ways β€” GTD to-do list, kanban board, list.

The to-do list section helps you to focus on what's important at a given time. We've cleaned it up a bit and left only the most relevant folders to simplify the management of your current tasks.

We've also improved the way you can handle your tasks right from the to-do list. From now on, you can:

  • change the priority and add collaborators without opening the task;
  • go to a page of the related project, opportunity, workspace;
  • assign a person to the task right away when creating a task via the task quick add;
  • see if the task has a comment and how many of them;
  • instantly find the necessary task using the search box.

Kanban Board gives you a clear overview of all your current tasks and their states. By the way, if you're the Tasks module admin, you can see the tasks of the entire team there. The board makes it easy to view deadlines, priorities, and overall work progress. If you use multiple custom workflows for tasks, you can instantly switch between them and get an clear visual representation of your work.

The Task List allows you to customize columns. We also recommend using this section to bulk edit and delete tasks.

The Templates section brings together all task templates including the templates for recurring tasks. Use the button in the top right corner to switch between your own and your team’s templates.

New Filters

Filters are now available in all sections of the Tasks module to easily search for tasks by the specified parameters. We have added filters by projects, collaborators, workspaces. Now it will be simpler for you to manage the tasks you are involved in.

Other improvements

  • You can now relate an estimate to any opportunity you need.
  • When connecting email via IMAP, you can now apply custom settings for outgoing messages (SMTP).
  • Due to popular demand, we’ve removed the irritating πŸ™ˆ red color from the events in the Calendar.
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