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September 06, 2021

Email Contacts and New Filter for Tasks

✔️ The Email module has now got a new section that displays email contacts and associated CRM contacts. Use this tab to rename the email contact or block it.

✔️ Now there is a new filter for the tasks on the kanban board. You can display only those tasks, where a certain user is an assignee OR a collaborator. This comes in handy if you want to see all tasks your coworker is working on at the moment (not only as an assignee).

✔️ Earlier, when you replied to an email, the sender email was always placed to the 'To' field even if there is another 'Reply To' email. From now on, if a separate 'Reply To' email is specified, it will be automatically placed instead of the Sender's email.

✔️ We've fixed the search of CRM accounts when sending an email. Now a user sees only those contacts and organizations to which he/she has access.

June 08, 2021

Collaborators and multiple task assignees

Task management becomes more transparent and productive.

Task assignment to several employees

Need to assign the same task to several employees? Create a task, assign several responsible people — several tasks will be automatically created for each of these assignees.

Collaborators in tasks

Even if only one person can be responsible for a task, there are many employees who can help in completing a difficult task. Add collaborators to the task, they will get a notification and see the task in the “I am a collaborator” folder.

Collaborators have the same access rights to the task as assignees. They can move tasks to the next stage, create/add subtasks, a checklist, leave comments, set time tracker, change the deadline (if such an option is checked in the Task settings).

User roles in tasks

Use the user roles when assigning several responsible people, collaborators and followers in order to quickly set tasks. For example, setting the task "Prepare a report" for each sales manager can now be easily done in a couple of clicks!

All new features can be found in task templates and project workflow

Subtasks, multiple assignees and collaborators are now available in Task Templates and Project Workflows. Add participants and subtask in advance to the template/workflow and create new ones quickly.

Improved task creation interface

We customized and left only the most important features on the Task page in order to make it easier for you to create new ones. All other options can be found in the “More Settings” tab.

Try new features now and simplify your team’s work with Flowlu.

May 17, 2021

Sending invoices, invites, notifications and more from your own email domain 📩

Up to now, all invoices, estimates, invitations, etc. were sent from Flowlu internal address by default. Not anymore! From now on, you can customize this email address and send such emails using your own email domain.

What messages can now be sent from your own email domain?

  • emails for sending invoices and estimates
  • thank-you-for-payment email
  • user invitation to the account
  • email notifications (duplicates to email)

If you want to send an email using your own email domain, you need to verify your domain. This will show the email clients that we send messages with your permission. Read more on how to validate your domain.

Please note that this functionality is available only to Business, Professional and Enterprise account users.

April 27, 2021

Making CRM Contacts and Organizations Private 🗝️🔒

This is finally happening...You can now hide individual CRM contacts and organizations from other teammates/sales reps/etc. and ensure the privacy of your client database. We’ve just added an option to allow users with the Employee access level to see only those contacts and organizations they’re assigned to (owners).

CRM module administrators are still able to see and edit all the CRM records. The account admins can configure this option to make contacts and organizations private by going to the System Settings → CRM → Main Settings.

One more thing: you can now disable your users from seeing emails connected to projects, tasks, opportunities and CRM accounts. From now on, no need to worry that your colleagues will read something they are not supposed to. On the contrary, if this option is selected, the users will be able to view the emails linked to specific objects even if they cannot access the email account connected.

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