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February 13, 2020

Notification Feed Update🔔

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to differentiate between what’s important and what isn’t for those who receive tons of notifications daily. The new notification feed lets you get the notifications that matter most and view only those notifications that require your action, such as:

  • you've been assigned a task;
  • the task needs revision;
  • the task requires approval;
  • you’ve been requested a response;
  • you’ve been mentioned in a comment;
  • the invoice, assigned to you, has been paid or approved;
  • you’ve received an announcement in the Company Feed or a Workspace.

Notifications that require action now have additional options, for example, a "reply" link. This link opens necessary task, project, etc. and shows the comment that requires your response. Such notifications are highlighted in yellow.

Also, a notification now displays an icon of the action for which the notification was received. For example, if someone left a comment, it will be a "comment" icon, and if you’ve been mentioned then you’ll see a @-sign.

And it is really simple to determine which notification mode you are using. If only important notifications are enabled, the notification count badge at the top of the page will be highlighted in yellow.

If you need to get back to some notifications later, you can now mark a single notification as unread by clicking on the round icon near its name.

Learn more about the notification feed and its setup in our knowledge base.

February 13, 2020

Comment Display Settings🔧

Over the last month we have shipped our comment update and received a huge amount of feedback. Some users reached out to let us know that they couldn't get used to reading the comment feed from top to bottom. We had taken that into account and, based on this feedback, released a new option to customize the display of comments. You can now change the sorting of comments (newest or oldest at the top), expand or hide threads by default, and fix comment dialog box on scroll.

Learn more...

February 12, 2020

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • In user lists, you can now copy a link to every item.
  • We’ve added sorting by a start date of a task in the "Tomorrow" section of the "Tasks" module.
  • We’ve added display of decimals in Cash Position in the "Money" section.
  • Now, when a user is assigned as a responsible or an observer, only employees that are allowed to access the system are displayed in the drop-down list.
  • We fixed a bug that caused the changes to be saved only for archive projects when editing a project workflow and then applying changes to current projects.
  • We fixed a bug when users could receive several notifications when starting a task or sending it for approval.
  • We fixed a bug when a user without access to a workspace could select a workspace to link it to the calendar/task.
  • We fixed a bug of inserting an image into a knowledge base article using the Control+V keys.
  • We fixed an issue with decimal rounding and tax calculation in invoices.
  • We fixed a bug that occurs when starting a thread in Firefox web browser.
January 27, 2020

New Comments and Company Feed 📌💬

It’s no secret that real-time discussion is one of the essential elements of any successful collaboration in a company. Therefore, we’ve decided to completely change our comments to take your corporate communication to the next level. They are now faster (18 times!), have new UI and a lot of improvements, so let's get straight to it.

Feed Interface

We’ve been collecting lots of feedback, testing several options on our dear colleagues and friends, and finally, we’ve come up with a new clean interface of the comment feed. All additional functions (editing, deleting, etc.) are now placed in a special section at the top right corner, which is displayed when you hover over a comment.

If someone "likes" your comment, you will see the "like" button below the comment, with the number and list of users who responded. The same goes for the threads—just read on to find out more.

Request a Response

Over the years of working on our product, as well as having accumulated a great deal of experience in collaborative work, we have come to the conclusion that many questions asked to colleagues often remain unanswered.

Therefore, we need some feature that will highlight important questions in the enormous heap of incoming information. Say, you need to get your teammate's opinion on a task, but by simply leaving a comment that gets lost in a feed, you risk being ignored.

Now you can request a response from your colleague: just select the user(s) in the "Request a Response" tab, write your question and send it. All "requested" users will receive a notification. This comment will be highlighted in yellow, which means that an action is required.

You will see whether your request has been answered or not, and the requested teammates will also see whether they have replied or not—the comment will be highlighted for them too.


Sometimes you’ll need to call the attention of another team member, for example in a task, project or opportunity. Just click the @ button or include this symbol into your comment and select a user. The user you mention will immediately get a notification. You can tag your teammates in every module of the system that has comments.

Link to a Comment

Now each comment has its own link. Copy the link and send it to your colleague. When your teammates follow it, they will get, for example, to the task you have commented on, and this exact comment.

New Editor in Comments

Based on feedback from many of you about your experience of text formatting when commenting, we’ve decided to significantly improve the editor and interface of the text field. If you do not require an editor, you can hide it by clicking "Aa". The system will remember your preferences. You can also use shortcuts, the full list of which can be accessed here.

Paste Images From Clipboard

Now you can easily paste the images directly from the clipboard into your comment. Make your messages stand out, be read and get the attention they deserve.

New Threads

Threads have become much user-friendlier—now your replies are always collapsed and the comment displays only avatars of users who responded to it, as well as the date of the last response. By clicking on the number of replies, the thread will be expanded so you can leave your own comment. This makes the feed neat and handy, and reading it is now much easier!

Comment Ordering

Previously, all comments had bottom-up design (from new to the old ones). This often confused our users when they, for instance, needed to study the history of a long discussion in order to find the necessary information.

Our team has addressed this issue to avoid further confusion and introduced a more logical approach—reading the feed from top to bottom! If there are several comments, only the last three are displayed, the rest is minimized, and, If needed, they can be quickly expanded.

Check out the Knowledge Base to get better acquainted with new comments and mentions.

December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas ✨

Happy Holidays from the entire crew at Flowlu!

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year 💫 Thank you once again for your continued support, partnership and the trust you have placed in us.

May the holiday spirit be with you and your family today and throughout the new year 2020!

Best wishes,

Team Flowlu 👋

November 29, 2019

🔥NEW Project Workflows

We've completely upgraded our project workflows — now the projects can be automatically moved through the stages. The assignees just need to complete all the tasks. So, what has exactly been changed?

Milestones can now be linked to the tasks, and — if all of them are completed — the milestone is reached. Hence, when all the milestones are reached, the project will be moved to another stage.

The project workflow editing page is now displayed as a kanban board. It lets you see right away what project workflow kanban board will look like. Adding milestones and tasks is now even simpler. The project work breakdown has now clearer visual representation and much easier to edit.

We are really delighted to introduce you a new milestone page. Now it displays a list of tasks, as well as a lot of useful additional info (completion date, assignee, links to the project) and even comments from your team members.

Oh, and one more thing:

You can now select a project manager as a task assignee or owner in the project workflow. It will be automatically substituted by the relevant person in each project created by this project workflow.

P.S. You can now link a task to a stage or even a project milestone from the task page in the “Links” section.

Find out more how to set your project workflow in our Knowledge Base.

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