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March 31, 2020

Launching Flowlu Affiliate Program✅

At these challenging times, it's now more crucial than ever for teams around the world to speed up their transition to remote work and continue to stay highly productive and efficient. And you can both facilitate their transition to new working environment and at the same time generate new revenue for yourself by signing up for Flowlu Affiliate Program and promoting your business management tool for remote collaboration.

How to become an affiliate?

  • Sign up for the Flowlu affiliate program and get your unique referral link.
  • Place this link on your website, blog, social media. etc.
  • Get rewarded when someone signs up for Flowlu from a link on your website, and subsequently purchase a subscription.

For more details, please visit our website.

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March 02, 2020

Invoicing for Estimated Project Revenues💰

Now you can create invoices for the estimated revenues of the project. Besides, each invoice can be linked to the estimated revenue when creating or editing this invoice.

We have also streamlined the project financial management modes that define the method of financial accounting. Now there are four modes available in each project: fixed revenues and expenses, cash flow forecast, task hours (time tracker should be installed), or disable financial management in the project. You can select the default mode for all projects in the module settings or redefine it for each project.

Read on in our knowledge base.

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March 02, 2020

Revenue/Expense Import to Projects 📅

We’ve added a new kind of import to the import options available in Flowlu: contacts, products and services, transactions and tasks. Now upload estimated revenues and expenses to your project in a few clicks with the new CSV import option. You no longer need to manually enter a large amount of financial data for each project—quickly enter information in Google sheets or Excel, and export it as a csv-file! Find out more in our Knowledge base.

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March 02, 2020

List Total Row🧾

How can you access the total of all invoices issued this week without creating a report? And what about the total of all expenses in the previous six months? Now there is a list total row calculated over all data rows displayed in the table with filters (or even checked rows) in the "Money", "Invoices" sections, etc. By the way, now the time tracker has a list total row too!

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March 02, 2020

Improvements and Bug Fixes🔧

  • When you create a new recurring invoice and select sending the invoice to email, the system will notify you if you forget to specify a recipient.

  • We fixed a bug in the mobile application when some users might not see the pdf files attached to a task.
  • We fixed a bug that occurred when deleting custom fields in the "Projects" section.
  • When some users inserted a link to an image to the task description, the image wasn’t displayed in this task without refreshing the page. This bug was fixed.
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February 13, 2020

Notification Feed Update🔔

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to differentiate between what’s important and what isn’t for those who receive tons of notifications daily. The new notification feed lets you get the notifications that matter most and view only those notifications that require your action, such as:

  • you've been assigned a task;
  • the task needs revision;
  • the task requires approval;
  • you’ve been requested a response;
  • you’ve been mentioned in a comment;
  • the invoice, assigned to you, has been paid or approved;
  • you’ve received an announcement in the Company Feed or a Workspace.

Notifications that require action now have additional options, for example, a "reply" link. This link opens necessary task, project, etc. and shows the comment that requires your response. Such notifications are highlighted in yellow.

Also, a notification now displays an icon of the action for which the notification was received. For example, if someone left a comment, it will be a "comment" icon, and if you’ve been mentioned then you’ll see a @-sign.

And it is really simple to determine which notification mode you are using. If only important notifications are enabled, the notification count badge at the top of the page will be highlighted in yellow.

If you need to get back to some notifications later, you can now mark a single notification as unread by clicking on the round icon near its name.

Learn more about the notification feed and its setup in our knowledge base.

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