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September 06, 2021

Email Contacts and New Filter for Tasks

✔️ The Email module has now got a new section that displays email contacts and associated CRM contacts. Use this tab to rename the email contact or block it.

✔️ Now there is a new filter for the tasks on the kanban board. You can display only those tasks, where a certain user is an assignee OR a collaborator. This comes in handy if you want to see all tasks your coworker is working on at the moment (not only as an assignee).

✔️ Earlier, when you replied to an email, the sender email was always placed to the 'To' field even if there is another 'Reply To' email. From now on, if a separate 'Reply To' email is specified, it will be automatically placed instead of the Sender's email.

✔️ We've fixed the search of CRM accounts when sending an email. Now a user sees only those contacts and organizations to which he/she has access.

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