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July 30, 2020

July 2020 Improvements: Updated Mobile App and More📱

Nowadays, the teams around the world are transforming the way they collaborate and work together. We decided to support companies in adapting to the new, more agile work environment and released a fresh update for our mobile app. It is now faster and more stable on your phone, and also has new capabilities, which will greatly facilitate working remotely or with limited computer access. Here’s a list of the notable improvements:

5 New Sections in Mobile App

The most requested, the financial module is finally available in your mobile app! Now you can view your money, invoices and estimates on the go and always be aware of your business financial performance.

With the new invoice/estimate record, you can access all the necessary data, attach a file or leave a comment to a teammate in a few seconds. The payment/expense record now displays information about the payer/payee and the date of payment, category, as well as a list of transactions to this document.

Now you can also manage your emails directly from Flowlu mobile app. Promptly respond to your customers and solve urgent matters with your team members!

Due to the popular demand, we’ve added Agile Module to the mobile app. You can now access backlog and track tasks in real-time from anywhere in the world.

We’ve also made some small changes to your overall mobile experience. The filters are now available almost in all sections of your mobile app. Plus, when you need to edit or delete a record in the list of contacts/organizations, simply swipe it to the left.

The new functionality is currently available in beta. Our dev team will be adding even more great features to the mobile app, so stay tuned!

Completed Emails and Folder Preferences

We continued to enhance the Email module by shipping new useful features. If the email does not require any further action such as to reply, forward, etc., you can now mark it as completed. Therefore, it will not be displayed in the 'Planned' section in the activity feed of the opportunity/contact which lets you focus on the things that matter most.

In account settings, you can now assign folders for sent and completed emails. Also, you can now move emails to any folder you need directly from its record.

Additional Improvements

🔹 You can now attach a file to the product/service record to add an image or any documentation to your product.

🔹 We've made some changes to the Notification Feed interface and it is now clearer which notifications you are viewing — All or Only Important ;)

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