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September 16, 2020

Save Your Team’s Time With Automation Rules 🤖✨

We've taken CRM to a whole new level to let you automate repetitive actions, reduce errors and simplify your processes. Meet the brand-new automation rules! With the automation rules, there is no need to manually set the follow-up tasks, or ask a teammate to create a new project when the opportunity is won. Instead, you can set up Flowlu to run your processes automatically, ensuring no crucial steps are missed so you and your colleagues can focus on what matters.

What is an automation rule? When an opportunity’s stage changes, this triggers the execution of an automation rule which includes things like creating tasks, sending notifications or scheduling events. The automation rules allow you to build scenarios for your opportunities and let your business run itself.

Setting up an automation rule is super easy and doesn’t involve coding. With automation, you can work smarter and automate the whole customer journey, from lead to order. Rely on automation to distribute tasks or schedule events for your team so that your sales reps always have complete clarity on what the next action is.

In each opportunity’s record, you can see the workflow of a particular opportunity and instantly determine what actions have already been performed and what is planned to be done.

Examples include:

  • When a new opportunity is created, the salesperson is automatically assigned the task to email the lead with the deadline in 10 minutes.
  • Once the task is completed, a meeting or a phone call is scheduled.
  • When you move the opportunity to the "Evaluation" stage, after 3 days, a follow-up task is created for a representative to check in with the contact.
  • If the opportunity is moved to the "Lost" stage, the head of sales receives a notification that the $30.000 opportunity is lost.
  • ... and so many more options. You can automate any task or process with a few clicks — the use cases are endless.

Want to learn how to set up automation? Check out our Knowledge base.

New Saved Filters and Simplified Sales Funnel Management

In addition to automation, we’ve updated our Opportunity board. You can now create a sales funnel right on the kanban board — add new stages, edit or delete unnecessary ones, or change their sequence. No need to go into the system settings anymore!

Do your sales reps need to see only the opportunities with activities planned for today? Do you need to view all opportunities that have no scheduled tasks or events at all? Or, want to see the opportunities with overdue activities solely? You can do all of that with new saved filters. Easily determine what requires your attention most in just one single click.

P.S. Love the new update? We would appreciate it if you shared your experience in a quick review on Capterra 😍

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June 05, 2020

Now Available: Email Integration📧💬

We’re pleased to announce the rollout of Email Integration. From now on, you can synchronize Flowlu with your mailboxes and manage all your messages in one place—no more jumping between mailboxes! Flowlu lets you connect to Gmail, Outlook or via IMAP.

All Emails in One Place

Link your emails to your contacts, opportunities, tasks or projects, so you'll have a full overview of everything that's happening in one place. You will be able to look at a particular opportunity or contact and see all emails associated with that opportunity or person at-a-glance.

Templates and Signature

Create email templates and send messages to companies and people faster. Utilize variables to auto-fill with specific data about the corresponding recipient, such as the opportunity stage or client name. Create a customized signature for each mailbox that will be appended to the end of each email you send from Flowlu.

Open and Click Tracking

If you want to see if the customer or lead have opened or clicked on an email, use our tracking feature to get insight into the performance of your emails. Get real-time notifications as soon as a customer opens your email or clicked on any links.

Creating Opportunities and Contacts

Automatically create opportunities and contacts when you receive an email from someone who isn't a contact yet. If an existing contact already has one active opportunity, the email will be automatically attached to it, and if there are no opportunities yet, a new one will be created. From now on, you will never miss out a prospect or opportunity in emails.


The connected mailbox will only be available to its owner. If necessary, you can always grant permissions to your personal mailbox to other teammates to collaborate on emails simultaneously.

Visit our Knowledge base to learn how to set up email integration and other brand new enhancements that make it easier to automate your customer management.

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June 05, 2020

New Opportunity Record and Collaborators🤝🎯

We’re excited to announce that we’ve given the opportunity record a major upgrade. The new design and features make the opportunity more delightful to use and bring more context to customer management. This product update is going to simplify your opportunity management and accelerate sales productivity. Here are some of the most notable changes:

Redesigned Opportunity Record

In the past, due to the two different view types, the opportunity looked a bit cluttered. With our redesign, it got a simpler interface and now looks like a contact or organization record with separate sections. You can now easily track all client information and interaction — issued invoices and estimates, scheduled tasks and events, sent emails and stage updates.

Activity Feed

Now all past and upcoming activities from your opportunity process are logged at one single spot. The feed shows activities relating to the opportunity chronologically, with the latest activity at the top. You can learn key information any time and evaluate your sales processes, e.g. what is planned to do, what has already been done, stage or assignee updates, etc. All overdue activities are shown at the top of the feed, therefore, the manager can efficiently prioritize next steps. You can create a new task, schedule an event or send an email from the feed within seconds.

Opportunity Collaborators

From now on, you can finally add collaborators to your opportunity to manage one opportunity with your teammates. Choose one manager as a responsible person and assign other colleagues as collaborators to let them stay informed on changes. The collaborators can view the opportunity, discuss important details in comments, and receive notifications when the opportunity is updated.

Extra: Many users have asked us to add an option, with which they could prevent teammates from deleting their opportunities. So now you can prohibit the deletion of opportunities to all users with "Employee" access right in the CRM settings.

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June 05, 2020

User Roles⚙️🔒

If your company has a large group of employees or a high turnover, it usually takes a lot of time to assign permissions to each new or existing user. With the brand new user roles feature, you can easily categorize staff and bulk assign user permissions. Grant permissions for new teammates or update access rights for existing users all at once within a few seconds. Flowlu allows you to create an unlimited number of roles with their own names and set of permissions.

Learn more about the roles in our knowledge base.

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March 02, 2020

Invoicing for Estimated Project Revenues💰

Now you can create invoices for the estimated revenues of the project. Besides, each invoice can be linked to the estimated revenue when creating or editing this invoice.

We have also streamlined the project financial management modes that define the method of financial accounting. Now there are four modes available in each project: fixed revenues and expenses, cash flow forecast, task hours (time tracker should be installed), or disable financial management in the project. You can select the default mode for all projects in the module settings or redefine it for each project.

Read on in our knowledge base.

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March 02, 2020

Revenue/Expense Import to Projects 📅

We’ve added a new kind of import to the import options available in Flowlu: contacts, products and services, transactions and tasks. Now upload estimated revenues and expenses to your project in a few clicks with the new CSV import option. You no longer need to manually enter a large amount of financial data for each project—quickly enter information in Google sheets or Excel, and export it as a csv-file! Find out more in our Knowledge base.

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