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May 28, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

Here is a list of bug fixes and improvements we made in the month of May -

1. AWS SES Menu disappears once optin email preferences are saved - There was a bug in our systems wherein when someone saved their opt in email preferences, the Amazon SES menu option would disappear. It's fixed now.

2. Change password and profile update functionalities were not working from newly created workspaces. Fixed.

3. Country selection bugs are fixed. (Users were not able to assign certain countries to their subscribers)

4. Pagination issues in the broadcast reporting page. (Some users were not able to navigate beyond page 2 of their broadcast reports)

5. Export functionality via email is implemented for broadcast reporting. (Some users were not getting their broadcast reports in their emails when they were exporting it)

6. Fixes for getting contact count for all the segments (There was a mismatch in the number of users existing within a segment and the actual number being shown on the segments page)

7. Text editor crash issue in the templates page is fixed.

8. Dates are now synchronized across all the artifacts in a MuxEmail account.

9. Search is now optimized for full email search. (Searching for a particular email address in your directory was very slow)

10. Open and click rate query is optimized.

11. Delete tags issues are fixed. (Some users reported that they were not able to delete tags from their contacts)

12. Draft campaign something went wrong, issue is fixed. (“Something went wrong” message used to popup for broadcasts in the draft mode)

13. Fixed AWS SES Menu disappearance and link overlapping issue once unsubscribe confirmation is updated. (Updating the Unsubcribe form used to cause the AWS SES menu to disappear.)

14. Fixed first sequence emails not sending issue.(The very first sequence ever created inside an account was not going out)

15. Fixed send immediate emails in sequences for large lists. (For large lists (>50,000 emails), configuring your sequence to go out immediately was failing)

16. Removed unwanted Audience menu for older accounts. (Before we moved to a tag based approach, we were having a list based approach. We had allowed old accounts to still use Audiences, but that feature has been completely removed now)

17. Contacts loading, overview cards queries are optimized. (Directory was very slow, now it has been optimized)

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