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July 19, 2021

One Click Upsells Release 19/07/2021

# API 1.2.1

- Add: Quantity dropdown on upsell offer level

- Change: Add analytics at offer level

- Change: Add "default" as a setting for quantity dropdown

- Fix: Error in retrieving recommendations in an edge case

- Fix: Warnings for Klaviyo events

- Fix: Multiple recommendations conversion not working

- Fix: Upsells pagination issue

# Frontend 1.1.3

- Add: Quantity dropdown controls at offer level

- Fix: Match parent quantity not working

- Fix: Don't show quantity dropdown for upsell offers

- Fix: Offer URLs not pointing to the product properly in certain cases

# Backend 1.4.1

- Add: View analytics of individual offers

- Add: Quantity dropdown override for individual offers

- Change: Hide out of stock/inactive offers in the preview

- Fix: Logout not working immediately after logging in

- Fix: Sync button not reporting progress

- Fix: Price rounding in very specific cases

- Fix: "Are you sure?" popup appears when exiting the upsell in some cases

- Fix: Upsells pagination and per page parameters

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