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September 01, 2020

Net RevPAR Analysis now on Pace Analytics

Pace now allows you to track commission costs by channel, making it easier than ever to get a full picture of how your Distribution strategy is performing. Not only can you review how your Channels are contributing to your property, but you can now also view RevPAR vs Net RevPAR by channel at ease.

Combined with the Lead Time analysis by channel, Pace gives you a variety of insights to drive and optimise your distribution strategy!

July 28, 2020

New Strategic Price Controls

We launched a new way for you to manage your min & max price settings with our new Price Controls which will be replacing the current seasonal settings! This won't only make it easier for you to manage your strategic set-up more easily, but also gives our Pricing Engine a better understanding when something is an Event or a Season.

Here are some of the top changes!

  • Specify a Day of the Week pattern for your default settings
  • Create Seasons for certain periods of the year with different Day of the Week patterns
  • Add Events which occur during seasons and need to be treated differently
  • Manage all of this in our new Price Controls Timeline to get a quick overview of how you defined your strategy
June 19, 2020

Multi Price Freeze

Anybody who is using Pace's automation to update prices will know our Price Freeze feature already. It allows you to freeze certain prices so Pace's automation won't update those nights unless you remove the price freeze again.

Today, freezing prices just got a whole lot easier! Simply click & drag across the nights you would like to freeze and select the relevant option from the Tooltip. Time Saver!

Want to find out more about Automation in Pace? Get in touch via our in-app chat or concierge@paceup.com

March 19, 2020

Candlesticks on the Quick View

With the latest update to the Quick View, you can now view more granular data for each reserve night without having to download a push price report.

Open up the Quick View by selecting a night you would like more information on, and you'll now see a new option in the top right.

This new toggle will allow you to switch between the latest prices to be shown on the blue price line as before using the left option, and the right option will switch the price line out for the new candlesticks feature:

Dragging one of the blue handles on the timeline underneath the graph will also allow you to zoom in further on particular dates leading up to the night.

Check out the full helpdesk article here.

January 29, 2020

Freeze Prices on Automation!

With automation active for your property, your prices will always be updated to Pace's recommended prices.

This means that any changes in pickup will be swiftly reflected in the prices for those nights.

In some cases there may be nights where you want to set, or freeze, the current price and keep it there regardless of pickup.

This is where the new Price Freeze feature comes in to play! ❄️

Price Freeze always maintains the latest current price that is set - and you'll still be able to manually update the current price!

If you would like any more details on how this works please check out our Helpdesk Article here, or please do get in touch with our customer success team!

January 29, 2020

Group Displacement Analysis is now live!

The new Group Displacement feature is an extremely powerful analysis that will complement our world-leading algorithm and real-time automation of your property’s dynamic pricing. 🚀​

While Pace takes care of your transient pricing, we acknowledge that there are many other areas where you can maximise your revenue - managing groups more intelligently is one of them.

Group Displacement Analyses have always been a painful exercise for hoteliers.

They take up significant time to find the answer to a very simple question:

“Will I make more revenue by taking in a group vs continuing to sell to my transient business segments.”

Pace’s Group Displacement Analysis uses our accurate and granular forecasts to generate the analysis for you, and so not only saves you time, but also means your displacement results are based on real data science. By evaluating group requests, users can quickly see the value of a group and make a decision if they should take the booking or not.

Customise nights, rates and desired inventories easily for the group booking to see exactly how much more revenue the group will bring to your business.

We will be continuously expanding on Group Management with other features over the coming months.

We look forward to seeing all of our existing (and new) customers use this new analysis, and we welcome all feedback to help us make it even better.

The most accurate Group Displacement Analysis, exclusive to Pace's Autopilot users.

As always, check out our Helpdesk Article here or get in touch with our Customer Success team if you need any help or more information!

We are ⚡by Beamer
We are ⚡by Beamer