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June 11, 2021

Attribution Settings in Rules & Reports

Heads up everyone! 🙂

We have updated Attribution settings for Facebook Rules and Reports.

You might have noticed a new toggle 'Use ad set attribution window' and wondered, how does this work?

  • Use ad set attribution window is ON. Revealbot rule will take Attribution settings used in the Ads Manager
  • Use ad set attribution window is OFF. You set up Attribution window inside Revealbot rule. Make sure Attribution settings in Ads manager match attribution in the rule to avoid discrepancies.

Here’s how this impacts Campaign level rules:

When this toggle is on, you use Attribution settings from the Ads manager. All metrics will be summed up correctly at the Campaign level if you have the same Attribution settings for all Ad sets in a single Campaign. Otherwise Facebook can’t count metrics coming from Pixel (like Website purchases), they will be returned as 0.

Check out our Help Center article to find more info about Attribution settings in rules.

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