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July 01, 2020

Problem with player and console (resolved)

17h30 EST Everything is back to normal. We no longer detect any issue. We will mark this as solved for now. If there is anything, as always, you can contact us (help at cloudrad.io) and we will be happy to help.

14h00 EST Seems to be back, still monitoring the situation.

13h35 EST Just confirmed with the data center, they are aware of the situation. Since it's pretty major, I'm expecting (and hoping) for a quick fix.

13h10 EST Network issue again between data center. Monitoring, but during that time the console and player will be hard to reach.

8h55 EST System are now back. It was a network issue between our backend system, we are monitoring the situation.

8h40 EST we are seeing error again on the backend. More to follow.

8h30 EST we have identified the problem being a server on the CDN that wasn't responding properly to the call of our backend.

8h00 EST today the player was inaccessible to all radio and the console was responding slowly.

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