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August 15, 2019

Capturing business model changes

A major change in your business model can make forecasting difficult, because the future will not be like the past. Since SimSaaS is designed for startups, it's now possible to incorporate these kind of pivot dates into your forecasting. Here's an example of a company that launched a freemium program in July 2018 (purple line). As you can see, the trend to the right of the "Now" (grey line) is showing a lot of uncertainty and a major correction because it doesn't understand the pivot.

Let's re-run the model taking the pivot into account. Notice how the trend adjusts? This means your forecasts will also reflect the change in business model.

Whether the launching of freemium programs, changes to go-to-market, or even changes in ownership, marking such an anchor (pivot) date can make all the difference in the insights you gain from a forward-looking view.

Anchor dates can be set under your Account Settings.

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