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April 10, 2019

Forecast Vault - "Are we getting more predictable?" 🔮🗝

Track your SaaS predictability over time with the forecast vault.

When forecasting gets 100x faster, new opportunities emerge. One of those is spending more time reflecting on trade-offs and strategy. Another is having the ability to examine the consistency and accuracy of our forecasts over time.

The Forecast Vault is the last feature to be included in the public beta (coming soon!). As an archive of all previous forecasts, it provides a reviewable history of changes to your forecast and your growth model over time.

The vault provides a proof of increasing predictability. In the early days, this may simply indicate the business has settled on a price range, revenue target, or initial team size. Latter, it can demonstrate a lock on your go-to-market model.

It also provides the first clue at increased opportunity. A sudden uptick in forecasts revenue, cash, or runway can signal that an optimistic scenario has come to fruition.

The inverse is also true. A dip or downward shift in the forecast can mean that expectations have been adjusted towards numbers now considered more realistic.

Forecasts can be redacted from the vault but they can't be edited. As such, it provides an unbiased audit trail of how a founding team has been thinking about their business, a powerful demonstration for current team members, investors, and future prospects.

The Forecast Vault is available to annual subscribers to our Advanced and Expert tiers. Not ready? No worries. Your free SimSaaS account will automatically archive your forecasts into your vault so you can access them later.

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