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Virtual CFO for SaaS

April 11, 2019

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"Like the CEO, CFOs have a company-wide view on the business. They operate in the middle of all the data flows in and around the business. A good CFO uses this vantage point to make a good company great, leading a high quality finance organization that manages critical responsibilities for the company. They do this by informing important strategic and operational decisions; finding new insights to improve business performance; and ideally being a consigliere to the CEO." --Jeff Jordan, a16z (link)

Analytics on future revenue and expenses are interesting, but recommendations on what to about those numbers are the real value of a CFO function. As part of our free offering, SimSaaS has started generating its first set of insights: a Health Check around runway, Solutions to navigate risks, Experiments to try, and ways to Sharpen your skills.

Insights -- more than raw numbers.

The Solutions section includes a mixture of targeted recommendations, relevant bits of financial planning wisdom, and direct links to solution providers that may be a strong fit for your business.

Insights are live for all accounts, free and paid. We're excited to evolve this from its current v1 status into a valuable co-pilot for early-stage founders.

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