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April 26, 2019

Lighter Capital support! 💰🧐

The Financing section just got an upgrade for anyone considering alternatives to venture capital. Lighter Capital joins the list of supported structures, alongside indie.vc, Earnest Capital, and TinySeed.

Lighter Capital modeling is available in all free and paid plans.

NOTE: This structure and the output have not (yet) been reviewed by Lighter Capital. However, the terms have been implemented after a careful reading of their site and terms, and is based on samples of their structure provided by founders that have considered or are currently considering investment from the financier. If you have familiarity with Lighter Capital and would like to recommend changes or improvements, we'd love to hear from you via twitter, or email at info@simsaas.co.

Plug and play!
Simulated repayments are visible as green bars under Net Income.

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