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Virtual CFO for SaaS

April 10, 2019

Scenario Planning - multiple growth models!

SimSaaS now supports scenario planning.

As founders, we're always wondering "What if?" What if we changed pricing, went after a new market, launched that new product? What if we shortened our sales cycles? What if ... ?

With Scenario Planning -- available on our Advanced and Expert plans, you can now clone/copy your primary growth model to generate new forecasts based on completely different assumptions.

The number of questions you can use this to answer is nearly endless. But, for example, do you wonder what it would mean to your revenues if your long-term subscriber retention rate was 10% higher? What would it mean for your support overhead if you added 300 new customers through that partnership you're considering?

With Scenario Planning, for SimSaaS customers these insights are only a few clicks away!

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