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November 29, 2020

🔀 Branching models

(NOTE: Branching is limited to adding events. Parent events cannot yet be edited within a branch without modifying the parent model as well.) Sometimes you want to experiment with an alternate universe or two: one where you bootstrap, one where you fundraise; one where things go awesome, one where that partnership doesn't work out.

Previously, the best way to experiment with these branches of reality was to create an entirely separate model (via copy) or use the mute feature to toggle individual events on and off.

What if you could instead extend your base model in separate directions while leaving the base model constant?

Enter Branches!

You can now create a branch off of any of your named models (not your Draft) by clicking the symbol below the build button, like so:

This button will instantly create a branch, nested underneath your selected model, and switch focus to that branch:

You can rename this branch at the top of the page as you normally would:

The list of events in the left-hand side shows the quantity of events in the base model and then the quantity in the branch.

Happy branching!

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