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October 11, 2019

🤠☑️ Role-based permissions

Our first premium feature for growth-stage companies has arrived! Role-based permissions.

Users invited to join accounts can now take the role of administrator, contributor, or observer. These roles break down like so:

Account Administrators can modify users, send invites, create and update forecasts, goals, growth plans, and metrics (trends). The full gamut from sign-up to management to billing.

Team Contributors can participate in an account by creating and modifying forecasts, goals, and growth plans, without the additional admin privileges for the account (billing and user management).

Metrics Observers can view your team's latest metrics and trends -- forecasts on your KPI's that extend into the future. These trends also show goals and goal progress bars, so users with this role can check in on how you're doing any time they want to see the latest.

Free accounts can only invite other Account Administrators. The other roles are made available immediately upon upgrade.

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