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April 14, 2020

Growth Rate Metrics 🌱 🗓

The job of a CFO is, in many ways, the challenge of finding the signals in the noise, the stories in the data.

Stories require the observation of change over time. For SaaS metrics, this is the rate of change (or slope) of your key metrics. While many analytics providers show the absolute values of your metrics such as MRR, ARPU, and Customer counts, it can be difficult to see whether growth is accelerating, decelerating, or constant for each.

With the addition of "Growth Rates" tab (located under Subscription Metrics of the Trends page), startups can now see how the growth rates of their metrics are changing over time.

In addition to the basic, single-metric takeaway (ex. "Revenue is decelerating") startups can see how trends may diverge. What does it say about our business that ARPU is accelerating while Trials are decelerating or staying constant? Moreover, what does a flattening of these curves say about any performance ceilings that may be on the horizon?

This "Growth Rates" area is a part of the free tier for anyone that connects their SaaS metrics. We look forward to seeing how you use these insights to guide your business!

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