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May 08, 2020

Hiring Managers can review active searches in real-time.

Successful recruiting is often a collaborative process. This is why we provide managers convenient access to our software, including the intelligence gathering process.

In real-time, hiring managers are able to review an active search, ask us a question, read our notes, discuss the merits of a particular candidate with your hiring team or simply monitor our activity.

You can also monitor..

  • Your recent applications
  • The candidates we've shortlisted for you
  • Disqualified candidates
  • Current interviews
  • Your talent pool
  • Open positions
  • Additional recruitment metrics

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May 05, 2020

Premium & niche job boards, including a free LinkedIn advertising slot

In addition to actively perusing your talent market, we also use free job boards to promote your opportunity and to increase recruiting odds, when needed we'll post to curated premium job boards that outstanding applicants often visit.

The benefits of using us extend further than expertise with our knowledge on each platform. We also help you save over 40% posting to premium boards, including a free job slot on LinkedIn.

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