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April 15, 2024

New Update: PFTrack Version 24.04.16

We have released PFTrack 24.04.16 with some significant updates to the automatic tracking tools and Linux support;

New Auto Track Node: In this latest update, we have merged the best aspects of the existing auto track and auto match nodes and supercharged them to create the all new Auto Track node. Significant improvements to performance and accuracy, combined with a more autonomous user experience, blow the competition out of the water. See for yourself here.

Linux update (Enterprise products only): With this release, PFTrack and PFBucket fully support Rocky Linux 8 and 9. We now have you covered if you are using Linux and looking to update it to newer distributions.

Numerous bug fixes and enhancements have been implemented, including significant ST-map and metadata handling improvements.

Change Log

View the complete change log within the application upon startup.

Access to this release

Enterprise users can download this latest version from their Account right away.

Subscription users download it from here.

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