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June 25, 2021

Best Practices When Syndicating to Renter Websites

Renter facing websites come in all shapes and forms, but they also share many commonalities when it comes to the type of data they prefer. If your data is not up to their standard you run the risk of not having info displayed properly, or worst yet having your listings being rejected.

Below are some best practices.

Account Name - Having a real account name. This can be your office name or your own name. Names such as No Fee Apartments or Best Apartments are what you don't want.

Agent Name - The name of your user will need to be a real person's name. Stay away from names that are the office name or names such as Top Agent.

Street Name - A valid street name and number is required. Unit number or other text cannot appear in the street name field. Street names should be complete with street suffixes.

Unit Number - Unless renting out the entire house, otherwise always provide a unit number. Do not append additional info to the unit number.

Photos and Description - Photos and description is required for the majority of websites. Good and unique descriptions help.

Features/Amenities - Commonly used names work best. Checking some renter facing websites to see what features they display to get ideas. Websites tend to ignore names that do not easily match to what they have.

Update Frequency - The listings need to be updated frequently. Non-updated listings will lower the quality of your placement priority or could even be excluded completely.

Respond to Leads Quickly - Many websites want to make sure their renters have a good experience by measuring your response rate. Not responding in time or at all can lower your placement priority.

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