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March 15, 2021

Task Monitor - Improved User Experience 🎉

Prepare for new changes that will make your day-to-day work with the Task Monitor more enjoyable. Our improved UI will enable you to access your favourite functions directly in the Task Lane.

This will save you a few hundred clicks each year and improve your user experience. 

Let's have a look at what's changing.

  • Extracts have been moved from the Task Detail view directly to the Task Lane.
  • Actions accessible from the Task Lane (instead of an extra click): Re-fetch, Requeue, Retries for Errors.
  • New action: Show all extracts. This newly introduced button will directly lead you to a list of all extracts generated by a Datastream.
  • It will be visually easier to distinguish tasks by more space and background colour.
  • Error messages will be hoverable to see error messages right away with no extra click.

You can expect to see these changes being rolled out from today. In the meantime, here's a snippet of what you can expect to see.

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March 11, 2021

Radar/ Spider Chart 🕷

Radar charts, also known as spider charts, are a great way to visualise your data in situations when you need to compare different marketing data, campaign types, and even campaign performance with projected targets.

In the example above, you can see how two different campaigns compare across multiple channels and immediately understand how to distribute the investments across campaigns and channels to maximise results.

Other use cases may be comparing campaign performance across different channels with projected targets. In the below radar chart, we are comparing campaign clicks across different targets with the set target.

Radar charts can visualise conversion, ROI, channel profitability in a way that anyone in your team can understand at a single glance.

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March 09, 2021

Facebook Ads - Attribution Changes

We're updating existing Facebook Ads Insights Datastreams to reflect Facebook’s latest attribution changes following Apple's new cookie policy (iOS 14).

Which Facebook Ads Insights Datastreams will be affected?

  • Datastreams for which "Action attribution windows - 28d_click or 28d_view" are selected in the Datastream configuration.
  • Datastreams for which the "Use account attribution setting" option is enabled in the Datastream configuration.

What changes can you expect?

"Action attribution windows - 28d_click and 28d_view" will be removed from existing configurations and will no longer be available.

  • Data Extracts will no longer contain action fields with the mentioned attribution windows, such as actions.link_click.28d_view. Hence, the structure of the Data Extracts will change.
  • In case the option "Pivot action fields" is used, rows containing the mentioned attribution windows will disappear, the structure of Data Extracts will stay intact.

The configuration option "Use account attribution setting" will be replaced by "Use unified attribution settings". This option will be migrated automatically, so no action is required.

  • The new unified settings will be defined at the ad set level and will inherit the account attribution settings. In case the option is enabled, if 28d_click or 28d_view were used on the account level before, Facebook would migrate these values to 7d_click and 7d_view on the ad set level, respectively. All other attribution settings stay intact.
  • In case the option is not enabled, data will be pulled from the API using the Facebook default, which has been changed from [1d_view, 28d_click] to [1d_view, 7d_click].
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February 26, 2021

New Connectors


CallGear, Clockify, Amazon Selling Partner, Magnite, formerly known as Rubicon Project, PromoteIQ

Explore all connectors

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February 05, 2021

Slack Notifications for Reveal

You can now send daily widgets from Proactive Analytics to a slack channel of your choice. This will enable you to stay on top of your marketing performance and provide timely notifications to the relevant teams so they will never miss any important trend, anomaly or opportunity for optimization.

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February 05, 2021

Images in KPI

This feature improves the visual look and feel of images used in social reporting. It enables you to create visually pleasing post-engagement reports, which display your best performing creatives, neatly organized and properly sized, next to the respective KPIs.

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