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November 29, 2021

Data Completeness for Reveal

Following our Data Completeness release earlier this year, we have now made the feature available not only in our Marketing Analytics module but also in our Proactive Analytics (Reveal). This feature provides you with a complete overview of which data sources were onboarded to your Reveal dashboard.

With Data Completeness, you can easily identify when the last imports happened and what their states are, and when the last computation for generating new findings took place, all in one place. For more information about the importing process for each connected Datasource you can click on “See Details”.

This will give you more control over your imported data and improve your overall experience and trust in your daily Reveal findings.

As a result, Data Completeness in Reveal increases data transparency and with a continuously updated, error-free dashboard, it will enable you to make insightful decisions faster.

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October 28, 2021

Smart Naming Conventions - Edit

Thanks to our latest update, you will not need to create a new Smart Naming Convention (SNC) whenever there are new values available in your extracts or when you discover a mistake in your settings. 

Now you can easily edit the following values in your existing Smart Naming Conventions.

  • Rule-based - on which the SNC discovers the anomalies & inconsistencies 🔧
  • Names of your columns created after the split 🏷️
  • Notification preferences 📯

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October 15, 2021

New Connectors

MOZ (ver.2) - SEO software

Outbrain Engage - native advertising platform

Ipsos Statex - ads measurement and monitoring

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October 08, 2021

Performance Manager

We are introducing a brand-new feature - Performance Manager - that will improve your user experience by making your Adverity Account faster. The feature provides you with additional control and overview of the performance of your Datastreams (i.e. how long it takes for your scheduled tasks to be completed).

It enables you to easily identify Datastreams that consume a lot of your resources and prevent other tasks from being completed as expected. Thanks to the Performance Manager, you can quickly discover opportunities for optimizations and ensure that your data is available when you need it.

For example, you can identify that a specific Datastream requires a significant amount of time to complete. In that case, you may decide to reschedule that particular task to run overnight. This will ensure that your data will be ready the following day.

In addition to a complete overview of your Datastream duration and identification of any possible issues, the Performance Manager offers a ‘Recommendations’ section. This section provides you with a suggestion on how to resolve the issues and ensures a fast and seamless integration of your data.

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September 30, 2021

Proactive Analytics - a brand new UX

Our Proactive Analytics is a powerful feature that uses machine learning to assess and interpret a large volume of data to constantly provide you with actionable insights.

Thanks to our latest UX improvements, it will be super easy to understand and act upon the findings of Proactive Analytics.

Let's explore the recent changes!

1 Proactive Analytics Widgets are now Findings

We are renaming our Proactive Analytics Widgets to Findings to highlight their specific nature and clearly distinguish them from our Marketing Analytics Widgets.

2 Understand how to turn the Findings into actions

Getting proactive insights is great, but translating these insights into actions may not be as easy as it seems. To ensure that anyone can easily understand and translate the findings into the right actions, each of our findings will now provide you with a human-like explanation that will answer the 3 most essential questions you may ask when looking at the findings.

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What are the potential next steps?

3 Easily navigate through the Findings in time

Proactive Analytics Widgets (Findings) are now presented in chronological order. This enables you to quickly scroll through the available insights in time without the need to select a specific time range in a date picker.

4 Less distractions for better UX

We are minimizing all unnecessary visual noise that may prevent you from getting your insights as fast as possible. For example, filters will be hidden per default.

Looking for proactive insights into your marketing performance? Request more information from your Account Manager.

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September 30, 2021

Widget Recipes

After our recent release of Out-of-the-box Dashboards that enable you to build compelling dashboards in minutes instead of days, we are excited to announce another great feature that allows you to quickly build individual data visualizations (widgets).

Widget Recipes enable anyone to create stunning data visualizations with a few clicks - no expertise required. This feature completely removes all manual and time-consuming steps associated with visualizing your data the right way.

Our interactive wizard will guide you through the whole process of widget creation and customization to ensure your data visualization follows best practices and matches your specific goals.

All you need to do is select your preferred widget, customize it according to your preferences and add it to your dashboard. The widget library inherits your dashboard’s theme and is ready to be added.

We will regularly add new widgets to the Widget Library to ensure that all your data visualization use cases are covered so you can showcase your data the way you always wanted.

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