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Perdue Farms
May 20, 2021

Affiliate Exclusive Promotion + Featured Products

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Hello Perdue Farms Affiliates!

It's almost too late to promote Memorial Day given the tight shipping schedules Perdue Farms has to work with to keep things frozen in transit and not ship on the weekend. There is, however, lots of time to pitch Perdue Farms for Father's Day family gatherings. This week we have an affiliate-exclusive for you and several featured products to highlight with your audience. As usual, please reply to this email if you have questions or if there is anything we can do for you.

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1. Special Offers

Popular Pitches to Promote

  • New affiliate-exclusive Big Burger Sampler promotion (50% off through May 31)
  • Special offers for Memorial Day
  • Father's Day Food Gifts
  • Evergreen affiliate-exclusive coupon offer using code FLAVOR10 - May not be combined with other offers (products in Sales category and sub-categories will not qualify for 10% off discount).

2. Featured Affiliate Links

Must-Share Opportunities

These deep-links are included to highlight some very popular bundles and offers available right now for a short while. Be sure to share them with your readers, especially since chicken is in high-demand (and short supply in many locations) right now.

  • Niman Ranch 14-oz. New York Strip Steak, Prime
  • Bulk Pasturebird Half Chickens
  • Pasturebird Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken
  • And finally, the Coleman Natural Budweiser BBQ Game Day Bundle just in time for game-day grilling (and Father's Day)

3. Affiliate Tips

Using Your Personality to Enhance Your Affiliate Links

The main advantage you have in affiliate marketing is YOU. Each person is unique and gifted with special abilities... and perhaps best of all, a personality. When matched with authenticity, that personality is likely your strongest value proposition in the competitive landscape of online information, especially since information is essentially useless without context and interpretation.

With your personality you are able to be original in your work and build up a following based on trust and enjoyment. It's like flavor in food. Dull food will still nourish us but we seek out food that is also delicious. Dull content may truly convey "the message" but who wants to read it that way (and come back again and again for more)? This intersection is where your personality, matched with trusted information (and interpretation), morphs into a winning affiliate equation. In short, you are paid to spice up the conversation your way.

Will Morris at ThirstyAffiliates offers three tips for doing this in his recent article entitled "How to Inject Personality Into Your Affiliate Marketing Content." It's worth a read. Here's a teaser for you: "By extending a clear brand identity to your audience, you’re creating a familiar persona that they can trust." Since everyone is truly unique, anyone can follow this model to create a loyal fan base eager to click their affiliate links.

4. News You Can Use

Recipes from Perdue Farms

One of the most popular items found on many blogs is a recipe section. Did you know that Perdue Farms has many recipes available that you can pitch to your audience? These recipes are categorized and sortable. We also have an affiliate link you can use to share them all.


Thank you for your part in making the Perdue Farms Affiliate Program a success!

- The Perdue Farms Affiliate Team

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