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Perdue Farms
November 19, 2020

Coupon Code Update + 47% OFF Whole Turkeys - Order Just In Time for Thanksgiving!

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Hello Perdue Farms Affiliates!

We hope that you and yours are well. As always, this newsletter is intended to provide you with all you need, but please reach out if there is anything else we can do for you.

Be sure you join the Perdue Farms Affiliate Facebook Group. We post at least weekly, and often you can find even more assets there. You will need to enter you SAS name and ID# to be accepted into the group (instructions for finding these details).

1. Special Offers

  • 10% OFF Entire Order with Coupon Code FLAVOR10 (please note this replaces the FARMER10 coupon code which was expired yesterday)

Terms & Conditions for 10% Off Offer: Must use code FLAVOR10 at checkout and have minimum quantity of 1 item in the cart for discount to be applied. May not be combined with other offers. Limited quantities are available. First come first served and only while supplies last. No rain checks. Not valid on previous purchases.

2. Featured Bundle/Product

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Thanksgiving cutoff is 11/23 at 12pm ET for Express and Rush Orders

3. Tips - When it is not working switch it up – How to turn it up!

Adding affiliate marketing to your website and social channels can be overwhelming but the reward is profitable and can take you to the next level. Too often we think of affiliate marketing as a lot of work, but when you work with the right networks it can be a breeze. But you cannot think it works the same for everyone or that it will always work the same way with you. Thus, why turning it up is so important.

But just like everything else let your audience know the why! Make it about them!

Here are 5 ways to turn it up for better affiliate results - thus more money for you. Try these this week - then repeat them for 6 more. Remember you cannot base whether something is working or not on one try.

1. E-mail Links

Are you currently only adding links in your newsletter to your website to drive traffic? Turn it up- Add a direct link to a product.

  • Example - I am switching things up for you all in my newsletter. I know every week I share what has happened, new posts and more. I wanted to make your life a little easier and also link to some of my favorite products. Especially those currently making my life easier like ordering my proteins from Perdue Farms.

2. Facebook Post

Do you currently schedule your Facebook posts for the week or month? Stop! Well don’t stop completely. But be sure to check back and see what time of day is driving the most views.

  • Switch it up - Add one affiliate link a day to Facebook during a high traffic time. Be sure the product fits into your flow.
  • Now Turn it way up - Start scheduling direct affiliate links into your Facebook schedule.

3. Facebook Posting

Are you currently posting links to what you link for affiliate marketing on your business page? Do you want to help both increase your organic traffic on your Facebook business page and make more affiliate income?

  • Turn in up - Share your affiliate link Facebook post to your personal page. If you are being authentic your friends and family will fully appreciate the links.

4. Facebook Group

Do you currently have a Facebook group for your business page. A place where people can hang out and share? A place where Facebook algorithm’s will not mess with your postings? If not get one.

  • Turn in up - Start sharing daily direct links to products you love. Like above in number 1 - E-mail, let your group members know you will be adding these to make their life easier.

5. Instagram

Are you even talking about products on Instagram? Are you sharing in stories? Are you using a link service? Are you using your swipe up benefit? Are you dropping a direct link to affiliate product in your link in bio? So here is the basic thought - Instagram may not be a great direct to click and convert with the click ability. But it gets your affiliate products in front of your readers and followers an additional time. It reminds them again how wonderful the product would be in their lives. If you said no to any of these - add one or more of them now!

  • Turn it up - There is a way we often forget to share links on Instagram. Remember people like that you are solving a problem for them or sharing information. If someone likes, comments or interacts with the post or story you posted with an affiliate product send them a Direst Message with a note and the link. Here is an example - Thank you so much for liking my post about the delicious chicken recipe - I wanted to share my affiliate link with you so you can see where I order from. Then drop the link.

So stop overthinking and start doing. Be honest and transparent with your readers and followers and let them know you are going to add these links as an added benefit for rendering your content and following you.

4. Perdue Farms – Get to Know Our Brands, Petaluma Poultry

Petaluma Poultry is the home of Rose, the Original Organic Chicken, and Rocky, the Free-Range Chicken. We were founded in Petaluma, California, in 1969 and have been a part of Sonoma County and the surrounding region ever since. We started organic protocols 10 years before the USDA recognized the organic claim, and in 1999, the Rosie brand became the first third-party certified organic chicken to earn the USDA Organic Seal. Today, we continue that pioneering spirit with Non-GMO Project Verification and air chilling. We also produce Sonoma Red, a heritage breed. With farms in and around Sonoma County and our plant in Petaluma, we proudly remain locally raised, locally packed and locally distributed. Learn more at www.petalumapoultry.com.

Thank you again and please let us know what we can do for you!

The Perdue Farms Affiliate Team

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