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September 16, 2020

The BIG Homegating Sale + Quick & Easy Meals!

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Hello Perdue Farms Affiliates!

We hope that you and yours are well. As always, this newsletter is intended to provide you with all you need, but please reach out if there is anything else we can do for you.

Be sure you join the Perdue Farms Affiliate Facebook Group. We post at least weekly, and often you can find even more assets there. You will need to enter you SAS name and ID# to be accepted into the group (instructions for finding these details).

1. Special Offers - through Sep. 30

Homegating with Perdue Farms: Our pre-game parties are moving from the stadium parking lot to our backyards and living rooms. Gathering with friends before the big game? Shop the below bundles to build the perfect spread!

2. Featured Bundle/Product

Need Quick & Easy Meals? Check out these specially curated bundles!



3. Tips

Now more than ever people are looking for cooking inspiration. And we all know that online search is hot for new recipes. This is the time to incorporate your affiliate links into not just new content but also your existing content.

I will share today easy and effective ways to use Perdue Farms ShareASale links to increase your commissions and create passive income.

As always, the number one way is to be you and share what you love.

And second, plan to not only use new content, but there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Use your existing content. I always suggest using your analytics to determine where to start. I always work from my most read recipe down. We will also talk about other places on your blog or website to incorporate affiliate links.

Now let’s get going:

  • Create a cheat sheet for yourself. This should have the protein and your affiliate link to that product page. If your site is heavy on a certain cut, like chicken breast, add that link to your sheet too.
  • If using WordPress, install Pretty Links or a link plugin to do the work for you. For example, once installed you can have the plugin do the work for you. With one entry you can change all the place that the word “chicken” appears on the blog to a hyperlink to the Chicken homepage.
  • The type of link matters. It is always best to use a combination on hyperlinks and direct links. We suggest using shortened links but be sure they “look safe” to click (Pretty Links allows you to do this with your domain name). For example, a consumer is less likely to click a bit.ly if they are not sure what it is.
  • Have a call to action. For example - “You can order the product I used here (attach link). Or, “click the link below to learn more about the product I love to use”.
  • Share content from the brand. You can do this in both your posts and in your social channels.
  • Make the affiliate links oblivious in some places.
  • Be sure you disclose that affiliate links are included in the recipe or article.
  • Add a side banner with your link.

Now let’s talk about where else to include your link:

  • In your header
  • Your resource guide
  • Ingredient list
  • Hyperlink within content
  • Create a Pinterest Pin to embed in your post that hyperlinks using your SAS link for the product
  • Include in your how-to guides
  • Add to product reviews. For example - slow cooker review: “I love using Perdue Farms Chicken Breast” (make that a hyper link or) Click here to see what product I used in the slow cooker”
  • Create a side banner in recipe

Whether creating new recipes and food content or using existing content, adding affiliate links will increase your passive income.

I am always available to help at LifeDoneWell@yahoo.com - please identify yourself as a PF-SAS affiliate.

Tips from Dana at LifeDoneWell

4. Company Update

This National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 13-19, we celebrate the men and women who play an essential role in making sure Americans have food on their tables while also keeping our highways safe, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join us in thanking the many individuals that are on the frontlines!

5. Misc. Updates

Perdue Farms has updated all shipping charges as follows:

  • $19.99 flat fee shipping on ALL orders up to $159.99
  • Free shipping on all orders over $159.99

Also, many promotional links were set to expire on the 21st of this month have been extended through the 30th. Please update your content accordingly.

Thank you again and please let us know what we can do for you!

The Perdue Farms Affiliate Team

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