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April 25, 2019

AZInsight v.1.4.4

General: Bug fix to hazmat feature

General: Various fixes

April 24, 2019

AZInsight v.1.4.0

Stock Checker: Fixed Stocker checker running in the background to only run when the tab is hit.

April 22, 2019

AZInsight v.1.3.9

Calculator: Added Forecast your Buy Price.

Calculator: Allow user to take a snapshot of the calculator screen output to jpg

Variations: Allow user to select either last 365 days of reviews (verified purchases) or all time (verified purchases) to be shown in the variations viewer tab.

General: Various Bug Fixes

April 18, 2019

AZInsight v.1.3.7

Calculator: Allow user to turn off FBM Shipping Cost to Buyer

Calculator: Allow user to set a Free Shipping threshold for FBM Shipping Cost to Buyer

Calculator: Allow user to include or exclude FBA Inventory Placement Service cost

Calculator: Show user Prep Guidance returned from Amazon for ASIN. Read more about it here.

Plugin: Added the Sales Estimation Plugin to show Monthly Sales and Monthly Revenue. Read more about here.

April 18, 2019

AZInsight Plugins - Sales and Revenue Estimation


Now you can get Monthly Sales and Monthly Revenue data for ASIN's right inside AZInsight by enabling the Sales Estimation Plugin. Note this Plugin is in BETA and is being improved on. Please read more about this here

April 13, 2019

AZInsight v.1.3.5

Stock Checker: Fixed Stock Checker running on Chrome browser ChromeBook (ChromeOS devices). Tested on ChromeOS version 75.0.3753.0 (Platform version: 12029.0.0) or greater.

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We are ⚡by Beamer