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March 30, 2020

Bulk Checker Pro v.1.0.7

General: UI Changes

General: Performance Increase

General: Bug fixes

March 27, 2020

AZInsight v2.3.4

Calculator: Added option to set Small flat rate through Amazon for FBM Shipping cost to Buyer. Learn more about this here.

Calculator: Information indication of categories Amazon is currently not accepting inbound shipments. Learn more about this here

Variations Viewer: Easy access to Historical Data source graph. If the Historical data graph is active you will see a K icon to access the historical data source graph.

March 25, 2020

AZInsight v2.3.3

Variations Viewer: Allow a user to fetch the Amazon Price of a child ASIN

Variations Viewer: Table with list of Sellers on a child ASIN is now sortable

General: Various Bug Fixes

General: Shipping rates for UPS and USPS have been updated and verified and are current as of March 2020

General: UI Changes to tooltips

March 18, 2020

AZInsight v2.3.2

General: Various UI changes

General: Various Bug Fixes

March 12, 2020

AZInsight v2.3.1

Variations Viewer: Allow a user to see list of sellers and the price they are listed as well as fulfillment type per each variation

Variations Viewer: Allow a user to fetch the UPC of a child ASIN

Variations Viewer: Added an icon to allow a user to reset table layout to default

General: UI Changes to Settings Menu

March 11, 2020

Bulk Checker Pro v.1.0.5

General: Allow user to start, stop and clear the task of analyzing the ASIN's

General: Various UI changes

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