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May 11, 2021

AZInsight v2.8.6 🚀

Like we did with the new update of ScanEz 1.1.5, We added the market analyzer feature with this update. Now, our users will have the option to analyze profits on all the marketplaces that AZInsight supports. This will help you make the right decision when doing product research. You can view a short video about it below.

With this version, we also added a new option when the main account is adding a team member or sub-account.

On AZInsight v2.8.4, we introduced the option to allow sub-accounts to have their own Calculator Settings by default. Now, on this version of AZInsight 2.8.6, we introduced the option to show or hide the Calculator Settings.

When Disabled Calculator Setting is checked, AZInsight will hide the Calculator Settings from the team member sub-account. This is the default for any new team member or sub-account created. AZInsight will also synchronize the Calculator Settings of the main account with each team member sub-account that has Disabled Calculator Settings checked.

When Disabled Calculator Setting is unchecked, team members can edit the Calculator Settings independently from the main account.

The main account owner can push the Calculator Settings of the main account to any team member account, whether you have checked or unchecked the option Disabled Calculator Settings.

May 06, 2021

ScanEz v1.1.5 🚀

We added a new feature with this update. Now, our users will have the option to analyze profits on different marketplaces. This will help you make the right decision when doing product research. You can view a short video about it below.

You can enable this option from the View Settings menu on your ScanEz app. If you want to try our mobile app, please follow this link to know where you can download it. Where can I download ScanEz?

On this version, we also improved our crawl engine performance as well as doing bug fixing. 🦾

Don't forget to update your mobile app to the new version.

April 24, 2021

AZInsight v2.8.4

On AZInsight version 2.8.4, sub-accounts now have their own calculator settings. This means that your team members using AZInsight can configure the calculator settings accordingly to the type of research you want them to do.

On the Historical Data, we have added a new tab for BuyBox statistics, this tab will show you the seller identification, the percentage a seller has won the Buy Box, and the last time a seller won the BuyBox for a range of 30, 90, and 180 days.

We added two new data points to the Export Profile: Amazon Sell History and FBA Offers within 2% of Buy Box. Get a complete list here.

April 14, 2021

AZInsight v2.8.2

We now show an orange box with the letter B under the type of seller column in the stock checker so you know who owns the buybox at the time AZInsight checks the stock of the ASIN.

You can now inject the UPC of the product you are on to create a dynamic URL in the My Links. See more on his here.

April 12, 2021

AZInsight v2.8.0

You can create an export profile and assign it to any spreadsheet from the new Export Configuration menu found on the gear settings icon. We also merged the Data Export Setting and Google Sheet setting screens into a single menu called Export Configuration.

In this version, we've introduced a setup wizard for connecting Google Spreadsheets. This helps coaches or teachers using AZInsight to quickly transfer google spreadsheets to their students. With the help of our configuration wizard, you can complete the process of setting up your Google Sheet integration in just a few clicks. The wizard will guide you in the process of connecting AZInsight with your Google Sheets.

March 30, 2021

AZInsight v2.7.9

Calculator: Allow the user to click on price on Lowest or on the Historical data table and it will autofill the Calculator.

Calculator: Added new data on the historical data table "New Amazon BuyBox % won" for 30Day /90Day/180Day

Calculator: Allow a user to detect if ASIN is in stock quantity and total stock quantity on their Amazon Inventory by clicking My Stock Info to see the stock information based on their inventory.

Important Security Note: This feature uses the Amazon MWS API and does not read anything from Seller Central directly. We value your privacy and use the highest grade encryption to call Amazon's MWS from our secure server hosted on Amazon Cloud Servers then we post the information back to AZInsight. No other information regarding your inventory is read other than FNSKU, total, and instock. No information is stored on the aisnzen servers about your stock quantity ever. Transmission of the data is handled securely over an encrypted server.

General: New method of entering in email and password to log to help prevent autologin by chrome or LastPass. Note: With the new login method, you will have first to input your email and then click on the button arrow icon to show the password field. Watch a video on this here.

General: New Data Points

  • Avg. 30D USED Price
  • Avg. 90D USED Price
  • Avg. 180D USED Price
  • Avg. 30D USED Offer Count
  • Avg. 90D USED Offer Count
  • Avg. 180D USED Offer Count
  • Avg. 30D AMZ BuyBox Stats
  • Avg. 90D AMZ BuyBox Stats
  • Avg. 180D AMZ BuyBox Stats
  • Avg. 30D AMZ BuyBox %won
  • Avg. 90D AMZ BuyBox %won
  • Avg. 180D AMZ BuyBox %won

For the full list of all the data points available for export please visit this post.

General: Send data directly from the Data Export Column to your Google Spreadsheets.

General: Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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