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October 13, 2019

AZInsight v.2.0.5

General: Add date format option to the export data feature

General: Added option for the user to submit Bug Video

General: Various Bug Fixes

October 10, 2019

AZInsight v.2.0.1

General: Full support for Amazon.smile pages on the calculator, stock checker and variation viewer

October 10, 2019

AZInsight v.2.0.0

An extensive changelog is found here

General: Faster loading and overall execution time of the extension

General: Updated User Interface on Calculator settings menu

General: Custom Multi-View

General: Ability to turn off Extension on the offers page

General: Submit bug with annotated screenshot

Calculator: Custom Cost Toggle on/off

Calculator: More offers data

Calculator: MSRP Price

Calculator: Input field auto calculate

Calculator: Various User Interface/ User Experience Improvements

Variation Viewer: Filter by Variation Attributes

Variation Viewer: Filter reviews from starting date and by date range

Variation Viewer: Detachable Variations Checker Window

Variation Viewer: Table comes with Quick Search Filters

Stock Checker: Detachable Stock Checker Window

Stock Checker: Table comes with Quick Search Filters

Stock Checker: Various Bug fixes

Bulk Checker Basic / Pro: Upload UPC's directly to Bulk Checker

Bulk Checker Basic / Pro: Over 15 new Data Points added to Bulk Checker

Bulk Checker Basic / Pro: Allow user to save the table view

Bulk Checker Basic / Pro: Increased limit of ASIN's or UPC per file to 1000

ZenGraph: Improved and Detachable

October 08, 2019

Announcing AZInsight version 2.0 release

On Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 10pm PST, we will complete the upgrade by updating the Chrome Store with the new version of AZInsight.

Check out our extensive change-log to learn more about the improvements and changes

September 21, 2019

AZInsight v.1.8.0

General: Various Bug Fixes

August 20, 2019

AZInsight v.1.7.9

General: Various Bug Fixes

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