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October 27, 2021

Bug fixes πŸ›

Here is what we fixed

  • Search: Removed case sensitivity when searching for a project. 
  • Project description: If you have unsaved edits and you are about to navigate away an alert will show up to make sure you save your work
October 12, 2021

Multiple workspaces, Filters and other improvements

What's new

Multiple Workspaces: You can now create or join multiple workspaces and switch between them. The extension will stay in sync as you switch workspaces from the web app.

New Insight Filter: With "Shared publicly" you can quickly find insights that are publicly accessible by anyone with the link.

Filters: We remember your filtering & sorting settings so that you don't have to set them again and again when navigating through the app.

Minor improvements & bug fixes

  • When editing a title or description field you now save your edits by pressing enter.
  • We made the "Save/Cancel" buttons sticky so that it's easier for you to save your edits.
September 15, 2021

Create insights from Slack and other improvements

New improvements for Slack app

To create an insight from an existing Slack thread, click on the 'Create Insight' option under the message shortcuts menu of that thread. You will then get a chance to review the insight before sending it to your Avrio repository. You can read more on our help center on how to get started with Slack app.

Insight Views

We count an insight view when someone other than the original author views an insight. We also count views by viewers not logged into an account (Public insights) or when viewing content from Slack.

September 06, 2021

Share insights with the world

In this release, we are introducing a new way to share insights along with minor improvements & bug fixes.

Share insights

The new share functionality gives you the ability to share a view-only link to an insight.

By default, the privacy of that link is set to 'Workspace members only'. You can opt-in for public access and also passphrase protect the link. If the link is public then no account is required to view an insight.

Minor Improvements

Distraction-free mode: The distraction-free mode hides all controls and buttons and lets you focus on creation or reading an insight.

Embed support: Our smart editor now supports real-time embeds from Loom, Youtube, Figma, Grain & Overflow.

Click to Zoom: If you want to view an image in its actual size simply click to open an overlay with the image at 100% zoom level.

September 01, 2021

Collaborate with Projects

With Projects, you can group Insights around a central theme and collaborate on research together as a team. Planning a new feature, building a business case, conducting competitor analysis, or compiling user personas are all great use cases for Projects.

August 23, 2021

Slack integration, new UI and much more 🀩

This month's update is jam packed with changes across the board so let's jump right in to the good stuff.

Slack integration: Link an Avrio workspace with Slack so that your team can stay up to date with important insights, real-time. Members get notifications for new content added in Avrio, directly to your team’s Slack channel. Add Avrio to Slack from here.

Better editor experience: We've changed our editor engine for a much more powerful and smoother experience.

New UI: You might have noticed our new coat of paint for the web app and extension. We also made lots of minor improvements and squashed some bugs while we were at it.

Tags for Events: You can tag Timeline events with workspace tags. This will help you organize information and group insights with actions.

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