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September 06, 2021

Share insights with the world

In this release, we are introducing a new way to share insights along with minor improvements & bug fixes.

Share insights

The new share functionality gives you the ability to share a view-only link to an insight.

By default, the privacy of that link is set to 'Workspace members only'. You can opt-in for public access and also passphrase protect the link. If the link is public then no account is required to view an insight.

Minor Improvements

Distraction-free mode: The distraction-free mode hides all controls and buttons and lets you focus on creation or reading an insight.

Embed support: Our smart editor now supports real-time embeds from Loom, Youtube, Figma, Grain & Overflow.

Click to Zoom: If you want to view an image in its actual size simply click to open an overlay with the image at 100% zoom level.

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