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February 23, 2021

Survey Scheduling Update and New App Release

We are in the final stages of releasing our new survey scheduling system along with the updated Beiwe apps for both Android and iOS. Please see the details below.


The new release is Beiwe 3.0.1. In the next 24-48 hours, this will become the standard release that will download from studies.beiwe.org/download. Beiwe2 has already been updated to the new version on Google Play Store.

If you have research projects in progress, your study participants will be unaffected by this release as we do not automatically update the app. Your study participants will continue to run on the previous release, the 2.6.0 Beiwe app version. If you are in the midst of enrolling study participants and some of your cohort is on the 2.6.0 version while others are on the new 3.0.1 version, the data will remain unchanged so this will be transparent for your study. However, if you want to use the updated survey scheduling system, you should instruct your patient to re-download the app from studies.beiwe.org/download (there is no need to un-install the app and re-install). The user will be prompted “Do you want to install an update to this existing application?” Choose Yes, Open and Install and the update is complete. For those using the Google Play store (Beiwe2 version), you can update the app from the Google Play store.


The new release is Beiwe 1.7.0. In the next week, this will become the standard release on the Apple App Store for Beiwe and Beiwe2. Once the apps have been approved by the App Store, there will be an update.

As most iPhone users configure their phones to automatically update their apps, Beiwe will be automatically updated on most of your user's phones. If they do not, they should simply go to the App Store, search Beiwe and click update. New participants will automatically download this new version of Beiwe from the App Store and the registration process remains the same.

Updated Survey Scheduling System

New survey scheduling features are available on the new versions of the Beiwe app for both Android and iOS. These features include relative survey scheduling, absolute survey scheduling, and setting the time zone of a study. The updates to studies.beiwe.org have been released. For documentation on how to view these new features, please view the attached document. Note that for these features to be used by your participants, they will need the newest version of the app.

- Beiwe team

Coming Soon
December 11, 2020

Halt data collection feature

Our developers are creating a new halt data collection feature. Using this feature, a researcher could unregister a phone from inside the web interface, and that would block the phone from uploading any further data. The phone might continue to collect data (if the patient hasn’t uninstalled the app), but it would just sit on the phone in an encrypted state, and it wouldn’t be possible for the patient (or anyone who obtains the patient’s phone) to decrypt it. Once the patient uninstalls the app, all data collected by the app that’s still on the phone would be automatically deleted.

Anticipated launch: Spring 2021

- Beiwe team

December 08, 2020

Fix: Unregister button on studies.beiwe.org

Several Beiwe users noticed last week that the unregister button had been removed from studies.beiwe.org.

Due to the work our developers are doing related to the survey scheduling system, they had created a new page where you can edit a participant because they added intervention dates to the participant and they didn't want the table on the View Study page to become too crowded.

So they moved the "unregister" and "reset password" buttons to the new Edit Participant page. They made a mistake and made the link to that page only clickable if you're a study admin or site admin, so regular researchers weren't able to click the link, even though they were still allowed to access that page. They just fixed it and updated the server, so regular researchers should be able to click that link now.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to kcarlson@hsph.harvard.edu.

- Beiwe team

October 14, 2020

Update: Survey scheduling enhancements delays

Several groups have reached out regarding the survey scheduling enhancements that have been scheduled to be released.

There has been one outstanding item related to the survey scheduling system and the push notifications for the iOS app that the development team is working to address in a way that doesn’t compromise security. There have been significant delays with its release due to this issue. Our development team has been working tirelessly to address this issue but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to speed up the process.

We're hoping to receive the app for testing in the coming weeks and will keep everyone apprised of the ongoing situation. We appreciate all of your patience.

- Beiwe team

October 05, 2020

Issue resolved: Permissions Error Loop on Android 10

Update: the issue has been resolved. Please have your users download the latest version of the Beiwe app from studies.beiwe.org.


We've identified a bug where Android 10 users experience a permissions error loop. Users will be able to sign in and adjust the permissions on their phone, but when they go back to the app it still tells them that they have not allowed Beiwe permissions such as GPS or notifications. This may also impact data collection but it has been inconsistent user-to-user.

Some users have been able to log in to their settings and manually adjust the permissions, but this isn't a permanent fix. This is a top priority for our development team and we will keep you apprised of the situation and any updates.


Beiwe team

August 04, 2020

Issue Resolved: Beiwe data upload down

Our development team has identified a bug in the Beiwe data processing that has impacted data from 7/30/20 until now. It has been fixed and so the missing data will upload over the next 24 hours. Please reach out to kcarlson@hsph.harvard.edu if you have any questions or concerns.


Beiwe team

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