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August 04, 2020

Issue Resolved: Beiwe data upload down

Our development team has identified a bug in the Beiwe data processing that has impacted data from 7/30/20 until now. It has been fixed and so the missing data will upload over the next 24 hours. Please reach out to kcarlson@hsph.harvard.edu if you have any questions or concerns.


Beiwe team

May 27, 2020

Issue resolved: Beiwe data processing down

Our team recently realized that data processing and batching on the production Beiwe deployment has been down since 5/21. This means that phones are still uploading data, but everything since 5/21 hasn't yet been processed made available for download. Our development team is looking into it and will get it fixed ASAP.


Beiwe team

Coming Soon
May 21, 2020

Combining the two survey submission screens in the iOS app

Hello Beiwe users,

We have some upcoming changes to the survey submission screens in the iOS app.

Here's how the screens currently work:

The first survey submission screen acts as a confirmation screen for whether to submit the survey. In the Android app, the analogous screen shows the numbers of questions you've skipped in case you want to go back and answer those, but the iOS app doesn't currently do that.

The second survey submission screen is basically just to show a message which can be customized in Study Device/App Settings. The default message on this screen is something along the lines of "No clinician will see your answers, so if you're thinking about harming yourself... call your physician immediately." In the Android app, this message appears as a "toast", which is a message that pops up and then disappears without you pressing anything to make it go away, but there's no "toast" equivalent in iOS; it would need to be a full screen or a pop-up with an "OK" button.

The new version will take the customizable message from the second screen and add it to the first screen, and then eliminate the second screen.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Beiwe team

Coming Soon
January 13, 2020

Survey scheduling improvements

New survey system

The server will run the scheduling logic, and when the server determines that it’s time for the app to take a survey, it will send a push notification to the app, which will make the phone display a notification that it’s time to take a survey. The data in the push notification body will contain either the full survey content or a link that the app will use to download the full survey content as soon as it receives the notification.


• We will be able to run more complex scheduling logic, and this architecture will make it easy to add new types of scheduling logic in the future without requiring participants to update their apps.

• When a researcher changes a survey during an active study, those changes will immediately propagate to the participant phones. There won’t be any stale surveys stored on participant phones.

• Debugging survey notification problems will be easier, because we’ll be able to see the scheduling logic running on the server, and we’ll be able to keep records of when the server sent push notifications. However, this won’t make any change in how we record whether and when the phone received and displayed those push notifications.

• While it’s beyond the scope of this feature, this new survey scheduling framework would make it easier to eventually add a feature that tracks and displays (through the researcher’s web interface) each survey event that a participant should have received, what the survey content was on that survey event, and what the participant responded for that particular survey event.

Survey schedule types

The app currently allows surveys to be sent at specific times (with one-minute resolution) on specific days of the week- we’ll preserve that functionality. We’ll also add new survey schedule types:

• Surveys on specific calendar dates

• Surveys on relative dates: a specific number of days following participant enrollment, or a specific number of days following an “intervention” date, where the intervention date can be set to a different date for each participant

Anticipated date of launch: Late spring 2020

- Beiwe team

December 05, 2019

Issue resolved: Beiwe data upload bug

A few of you and reached out regarding missing data in Android users since 11/22. I have been working with our developers to get to the bottom of the issue and we have an update.

During routine system updates, the data processing and upload function stops for a while and then resumes once maintenance is over. Initially, they assumed this was the cause of the missing data however we realized that there was actually a bug. Last night they pushed a fix to the production server, and the Android apps have resumed uploading data.

If any Android participants left a study and uninstalled the app between 11/22 and 12/4, any data that they tried to upload after 11/22 is probably unrecoverable. But for any Android participants who are still enrolled, their data since 11/22 should be uploaded tonight and tomorrow.

Please monitor the data from Android participants over the next couple of days and please feel free to reach out to me with any issues.

Thanks for your patience.

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