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July 26, 2021

5 new features in this release

Our developers have been very busy cranking out great new features for today's release.💪 🚀

[already live in the US - later today, Monday 26th July for Rest of World]

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June 30, 2021

clearer error management

Most folks understand that the real power of BRM is the following;

Reservation management - but underpinned by each item having its own calendar.

But this can sometimes lead to confusion when you 'bump into other activity' for any given item.

Well, we just made some pretty classic error scenarios a lot clearer in this latest release.

In the below example I tried to push back the blue reservation, but couldn't because the black reservation was in the way (for the same bike)

You can use the 'Tell me more' link to see specific details about dates / times / bikes etc.

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June 08, 2021

plenty of quality / visibility improvements

big technical release this week folks, with plenty of incremental improvements:

  • Settings / Offering control - Setting payment processor to none, sets percentage to 0 which allows saving (JIRAs: 3659)
  • Inventory / Shape - Price group drop-down names now uses display names (JIRAs: 3633)
  • Settings / Registered devices - Improvements made which makes deleting devices etc work better (JIRAs: 3677)
  • RDP / Asset browser - Only returns the reservation duration again, fixing the assets being falsely flagged as unavailable
  • Inventory / Price groups - Improved clickable areas
  • RLP / RDP Asset browser - Fixed sorting not working at all as expected (JIRAs: 3637)
  • RLP - Preset time buttons shouldn't cut off
  • Settings / Webhook - Tidied up reference and double-checked (JIRAs: 3676)
  • Delivery Planner - Removed unnecessary print section (JIRAs: 3672)
  • Delivery Planner - Improve error messages to include detection for no vans (JIRAs: 3670)
  • RLP + RDP / Asset browser - Ordered by size (JIRAs: 3679)
  • Inventory / Price groups - Added save check on unload + improved click area (JIRAs: 3667)
  • RDP / Change stage - Restructured so user is only prompted if timestamps (JIRAs: 2598)
  • Better Reservation Event feedback - warnings and JDI
  • Starting rollout of UserGuiding help software
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June 04, 2021

Small issue with Add / Swap via browse [fix rolled out]

  • fix rolled out  8th June 

Again we must apologise the fast pace of change has caught us out again and created another issue with the current release. As it doesn't stop the operation from working, we've decided to push forward and not rollback. A fix will be rolled out on Tuesday. (This way you can still benefit from the improvements we rolled out this week)


We put in improvements to the show planner and add / swap via browse windows and disturbed something.

The planner window has always shown a month on either side of the current reservation. (Just a facet of the way the planner window works)

However, in this latest release - it now searches for reservation activity throughout the entire month - and not just the dates of the reservation you are viewing.

This means a couple of things:

  • it shows more activity - which can be confusing.
  • it shows more 'red rows' which in theory are not available for your period.


The red is just an indicator and will be overly pessimistic if you happen to have activity for the same bikes before or after your reservation.

So if you think you can book it (based on activity shown for your dates) - then go ahead with your add / swap.

The system will (as it always has done) stop you with an error if you really can't do it due to availability.

But wait - you said you were going to improve the quality of the software - not make it worse!

We are - we are currently more than doubling the size of our engineering team.

Change can sometimes cause disruption and take a few weeks / months to settle down.


new version - more red (simply because we searched for an entire month)

old version - how it should and will work - less activity - less red

Many apologies again for any inconvenience. We are working hard on scaling the team and quality control right now.

the BRM Team.

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