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December 04, 2019

SSL has been added for all subdomains under ContactIn.Bio

Hi there! We are happy to announce we have added SSL https for everyone who is using domain name contactin.bio. So if you have a page with us and you are using contactin.bio domain name, you can now add https in front of it instead of http.

Also, stay tuned as we are launching an amazing offer deal for lifetime agency package next week. Send us an email to hello@contactinbio.com if you want to be notified when it goes live.

More awesome features are coming up soon, if you want to see what we are planning to launch or if you have an idea submit it here: https://trello.com/b/3mpyK1E2/contactinbio-product-roadmap

September 06, 2019

Preview your page in the dashboard

Hi there!

we have added a "Show preview" button on our new dashboard which loads your page preview into content editing interface.

August 16, 2019

Improved statistics dashboard

Hi there! We have added new features into statistics page for free and upgraded users:

1. You can now view number of page visitors per day up to 360 days or between date range.

2. Overview on all links and blocks clicks in one table view.

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