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June 08, 2020

5 major new features for Content Snare

Over the weekend a huge Content Snare update rolled out.

These will help streamline your workflow even more. Collect content & documents from clients more easily and faster than ever!

Check out the full post here or see the updates in action in this video.

  • Multi-answer fields (repeaters) - allow clients to create multiple answers for one field
  • Multi file uploads - clients can upload multiple files to one field
  • Zapier - create automated workflows with Content Snare (this one is huge!)
  • Request owners - you can assign a team member that "owns" each request. Emails will appear to come from that person, you can filter the request list on owner and you can choose to send email notifications for only their requests
  • Multilingual interface - the ability to translate the interface to other languages

Plus there are loads of small design & usability improvements.

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