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April 19, 2021

Conditional logic, manage folders and onboarding

The most requested feature EVER just went live.

Now you can use conditional logic in your requests.

In simple terms, it means you can show or hide questions based on your clients answers.

How conditions work

For example, you might have a question that says "Which social media channels do you use?"

If they select only Facebook you could display a question asking for their Facebook URL. If they don't select Facebook, it stays hidden and they don't need to answer it.

To use it, click a field and enable "Conditions" in the options panel.

Watch this video for more info.

Managing folders

For those of you that use folders to organize your requests, this new feature will be handy.

Click your avatar in the top navigation, then Manage Folders.

From here you can rename, archive or delete folders.


You won't see this if you've been using Snare for a while already, but there is a new "Getting Started" guide that shows for new customers. If you'd like to take a look through these videos, click your Avatar and then "Getting Started". It will show the bubble in the bottom corner that looks like this.

Loads of other improvements

You probably don't care about a lot of these, but we've made lots of changes to make various things easier to understand.

• Standardized empty pages when searching or arriving at an empty page

• Remove nav icons from request viewer when displayed on small mobile screen devices, allowing more room for the heading to display correctly.

• Disable today button on calendar if calendar is already displaying today's date.

• Added info to new client/team pages about what emails the new users will receive.

• Added "You" tag to end of current user entries in owner dropdowns.

• Hide "Add another answer" text in viewer when answer is submitted.

• "Edit" option for requests now goes to builder instead of essentials page.

• Keep share settings modal open after applying changes.

• Added saving/saved status in builder and viewer when uploading images.

• Improved sign-up error messages and added a tooltip to the subdomain field.

• We now allow company subdomains to start with a number.

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