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February 13, 2020

February update - loads of usability improvements and fixes

A new version has just gone live. Many of the updates are usability items, bug fixes and some changes to increase email deliverability.

Here are some of the bigger items:

  • You can embed Loom videos in instructions
  • Email deliverability improvements
  • All buttons & links can now be opened in a new tab with Ctrl+Click or right-click

Here is the full list

[Bug] Fixed issue on iPhones where toolbar was causing text to display under the toolbar.

[Usability] Added a filter modal to request dashboard on tablets allowing tablets to set all filters available to the current desktop view.

[Bug] Fixed issue where WYSIWYG paragraph alignment formatting not not saving.

[Bug] On iPhone, the select input field had too much line height if the field wrapped.

[Bug] On iPad when viewing shared request the instructions start too high on the page.

[Usability] Selection dropdowns (multi and single select) can now be activated in request preview mode to show what they will look like to clients.

[Bug] Modals are now focus trapped to avoid tabbing to hidden screen area. It was previously possible to tab to components behind the modal.

[Usability] Added a small warning if a user tries to delete a field in the builder with an answer.

[Usability] Add a warning (gmail/hotmail/yahoo address) indicating that deliverability may be affected when a freemail email address is used in the reply to field in company settings.

[Bug] Fixed login to allow user to follow non-shared link even if logged out. it will ask the user to log in and will then redirect to the link after successful login.

[Usability] Added different styling for checkboxes and radio buttons in the request viewer.

[Usability] All navigable buttons, anchors, menu items, drop down menu items now use anchor tags with href, allowing CTRL+click or right click to open in new tab/window.

[Bug] Due date was being incorrectly set to the wrong day for some timezones.

[Bug] Fixed issue where shared link passcode entry was not working on Android phones due to deprecated keypress event.

[Usability] Pressing Enter after typing an option in the request builder (for select, checkbox or radio field types) will move to the next option (or new option entry box).

[Usability] Added ability to duplicate reminder schedules and email templates.

[Bug] Now Auto logs out after subdomain change to avoid auth errors.

[Usability] Allow LOOM vids to be used as vids in the WYSIWYG editor.

[Bug] Fixed issue where drag and drop didnt scroll when moving the field or section to the end of the screen.

[Usability] Fields can now be dragged and dropped in to an empty section.

[Usability] Implemented a new lazy load image library for fast display of requests with lots of images.

[Bug] Fixed issue where Tags in email subject were not saving.

[Bug] Fixed text sometimes reverts to old name while renaming fields in the builder.

[Bug] Fixed issue where no-clients were showing when filtering clients.

[Bug] Fixed date time picker popup display issues.

[Usability] Removed help for clients as help is mid-user centric.

[Bug] Added time to date/time answer field display in request viewer.

[Usability] Added color highlighting to WYSIWYG email logic fields.

[Usability] Updated email templates

[Usability] Added new email condition to allow emails to include conditional syntax to check if a client hasnt logged in yet and will need to provide a password on first use (this checks if request != share and client = new

[Bug] Fixed initial "new request" email not being sent to client when a request is shared

[Usability] Added pincode to rule to "new request" email template to provide the pincode to the client if one was set and the request is shared

[Bug] Fixed issue where you couldnt delete comms events after they had been created (they were always being marked as protected)

[Usability] Updated communication rules sorting so that they are roughly sorted in chronological order

[Usability] Emails now sent as HTML with fallback to plain text if HTML not available for recipient. This also increases email deliverability score.

[Usability] Emails now have client name in to field instead of just email address. This also increases email deliverability score.

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