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October 13, 2021

SMS Reminders

This is the one many of you have been waiting for.

You can now send SMS reminders to your clients!

They work almost the same way as email. To set up an SMS reminder,:

  1. Go to Reminders -> SMS Templates and create your template
  2. Go to Reminders -> Schedules and add an SMS to your schedule. It's in the same spot you select an email, but in the dropdown, you can switch over to SMS
  3. Select that schedule when sending a request. 

Things you should know:

  • Each plan has a certain number of SMS credits. You can view your allocation under Settings -> My Subscription
  • Consider how long your templates are. Each 160 characters uses 1 credit - including the link to the request
  • SMS are sent from Content Snare's number, so including your name / your company name in the text is a good idea
  • If something goes wrong when sending an SMS, you'll receive an email with the error

Other improvements

This version also has a few other improvements.

  • You can rename a request from the builder step, without having to go back to the previous screen
  • For long question names, if you hover over their name in the sidebar, it will show a tooltip with the full name
  • Date/time fields can exclude the timezone - handy when asking for a date of birth etc
  • If you create a page with no fields, the "page summary" at the bottom is not shown. This allows you to create pages which are only instructions, or a "thank you" page at the end
  • Improvements to Ctrl+Clicking menu items to open them in a new window
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