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March 02, 2020

Usability improvements and bug fixes

This is a small release. In the background, we are working on and testing our first integration. It's with Zapier. When this is ready, you'll be able to automate all kinds of workflows with Content Snare, so stay tuned!

Important Note

  • This version removes the "Legacy View" mode from old requests. This only applies to requests created before November last year. And requests created after that are unaffected. 


  • Updated notification system to better differentiate between error and information notifications, to allow multiple notifications and to not block toolbar back button
  • Adding numbering to pages in the left-hand navigation
  • You can now export requests directly from the request dashboard
  • Reduced size of the app to improve loading times between pages
  • Improved support for legacy browsers like IE11

Several other bugs were also addressed.

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