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October 13, 2021

SMS Reminders

This is the one many of you have been waiting for.

You can now send SMS reminders to your clients!

They work almost the same way as email. To set up an SMS reminder,:

  1. Go to Reminders -> SMS Templates and create your template
  2. Go to Reminders -> Schedules and add an SMS to your schedule. It's in the same spot you select an email, but in the dropdown, you can switch over to SMS
  3. Select that schedule when sending a request. 

Things you should know:

  • Each plan has a certain number of SMS credits. You can view your allocation under Settings -> My Subscription
  • Consider how long your templates are. Each 160 characters uses 1 credit - including the link to the request
  • SMS are sent from Content Snare's number, so including your name / your company name in the text is a good idea
  • If something goes wrong when sending an SMS, you'll receive an email with the error

Other improvements

This version also has a few other improvements.

  • You can rename a request from the builder step, without having to go back to the previous screen
  • For long question names, if you hover over their name in the sidebar, it will show a tooltip with the full name
  • Date/time fields can exclude the timezone - handy when asking for a date of birth etc
  • If you create a page with no fields, the "page summary" at the bottom is not shown. This allows you to create pages which are only instructions, or a "thank you" page at the end
  • Improvements to Ctrl+Clicking menu items to open them in a new window
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August 29, 2021

Embed requests, file type restrictions and improved dates

Over the weekend we released an update that many of you have been asking for!

New features

  • You can embed requests on your website. This is great for embedding in your client portal. Important Note: Any data added by your client will be visible to anyone who views the page where you embed the request. Read more here
  • File fields allow you to select what file types are allowed. You can also specify file size limits.
  • Date fields have been improved. There is a more intuitive date selector, dates can be entered directly with the keyboard, and a time is no longer required.

Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes setting min/max size on text fields would not save properly
  • Similarly, conditions would sometimes fail to save. Both have these have been resolved
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July 16, 2021

Duplicate requests, improved drag and drop

A few more updates just went live to help improve your workflow.

  • You can now duplicate requests. Just open the menu on a request and select duplicate
  • There is an option to save a request as a template on the same menu
  • Drag and drop to move fields is much easier to use, and you can also move fields in the sidebar (within the current page only)
  • Some improvements to the comment system released a few days ago
    • Unread comment counts are displayed on each page
    • A dot shows on the button to open comments to indicate unread - this is mostly for mobile usability
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April 19, 2021

Conditional logic, manage folders and onboarding

The most requested feature EVER just went live.

Now you can use conditional logic in your requests.

In simple terms, it means you can show or hide questions based on your clients answers.

How conditions work

For example, you might have a question that says "Which social media channels do you use?"

If they select only Facebook you could display a question asking for their Facebook URL. If they don't select Facebook, it stays hidden and they don't need to answer it.

To use it, click a field and enable "Conditions" in the options panel.

Watch this video for more info.

Managing folders

For those of you that use folders to organize your requests, this new feature will be handy.

Click your avatar in the top navigation, then Manage Folders.

From here you can rename, archive or delete folders.


You won't see this if you've been using Snare for a while already, but there is a new "Getting Started" guide that shows for new customers. If you'd like to take a look through these videos, click your Avatar and then "Getting Started". It will show the bubble in the bottom corner that looks like this.

Loads of other improvements

You probably don't care about a lot of these, but we've made lots of changes to make various things easier to understand.

• Standardized empty pages when searching or arriving at an empty page

• Remove nav icons from request viewer when displayed on small mobile screen devices, allowing more room for the heading to display correctly.

• Disable today button on calendar if calendar is already displaying today's date.

• Added info to new client/team pages about what emails the new users will receive.

• Added "You" tag to end of current user entries in owner dropdowns.

• Hide "Add another answer" text in viewer when answer is submitted.

• "Edit" option for requests now goes to builder instead of essentials page.

• Keep share settings modal open after applying changes.

• Added saving/saved status in builder and viewer when uploading images.

• Improved sign-up error messages and added a tooltip to the subdomain field.

• We now allow company subdomains to start with a number.

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March 22, 2021

Request large files, file management & choose the time emails are sent

For some of you this will be a very important update!

Email send times

Depending on where you are in the world, emails can go out at odd times.

Now you can choose exactly when they'll be sent, and in what timezone.

You'll need to set your timezone in your Company settings. Click your avatar at the top right -> Settings -> Company.

Each client will default to your timezone, but if they're in a different timezone you can set that up under each client.

Then in reminders, choose the time each email is sent. This is in the client's timezone.

Collect large files

We've removed the 20mb file size limit. The new limit is 4GB, simply because of a technical limitation. Let us know if you want to use Content Snare for even larger files. If there's demand, we'll prioritise this.

File management

With the removal of the individual limit, there is a limit on total storage across your account.

If you ever exceed your limits, it's easy to find the oldest or largest files to delete. Just go to your Avatar -> Manage Files.

Here you can sort by uploaded date, file type, file size and more. Then you can preview or delete as needed.

As a bonus, it's also an easy place to find all of the files uploaded by a certain client. Just use the "Client" option in the filter bar at the top.

Other fixes

Plus a whole bunch of other fixes that you probably don't care about. Just know that we're always improving small things that we find to make Content Snare fast and easy to use.

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