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February 11, 2019

EPIC URL Transitions this Saturday 2/16/19

Update! The New EPIC URL Goes LIVE February 16!

We are excited to fully transition the EPIC URL from to this coming weekend. The look and process of the platform will not change; this is simply to help better align the Wiley brands available through EPIC.

Currently, when you send access codes or communications from EPIC, the sender email is This email address will be updated to reflect the new URL, and change to But don’t worry! If a client or learner replies to your email, the response will be automatically forwarded to your new email.

Here's what to expect once the change is made:

EPIC administrators will now go to to log in.

Emails from EPIC will appear to be sent from

Respondents will go to to take assessments.

As a reminder, please update your EPIC custom email message templates and any references you’ve made to the EPIC website elsewhere (e.g. job aids, browser bookmarks, internal email templates, etc.) from to Both and will remain functional for a few weeks, so you will have time to make changes to your custom messages and website links.

To ensure a smooth transition, have your organization's technology department whitelist the domain as soon as possible. Contact us for an Email Troubleshooting document for more information.

Please also share this information with everyone in your organization who needs to be aware of this change or may be responsible for related documents or URL links.

Please contact us at 1-888-871-1780 or with any questions or concerns. We appreciate you partnering with us for your assessment needs and look forward to supporting you in this transition.

Thank you,

Sharon, Cindy, and Mark

Your PEOPLE Development team

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