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August 23, 2021

Equus PinPoint 21.5 Release Round-Up



Add new, configurable action buttons to screens and widgets that can save data, redirect a user, or trigger a Business Rule to perform custom actions


It is now possible to split a screen into multiple steps, transforming it into a previous-next wizard by the Stepper for better user experience. This ensures that large screens can be divided into logically grouped steps and each step is displayed on its own page


New enhanced Flows for checking if data has been filled out or missed to ensure better data quality



  • There are two new available comparison operators: “Is Blank” and “Is Not Blank”. When used, the right operand in a condition will be hidden, allowing users to set conditions for checking fields that have been populated or missing data. The new operators are also available in the rules section of screen layouts
  • Fixed an issue, when using the “Save Document” action type to generate a document, the flow status was stuck in "Running" status due to the failure on signature validation
  • Improved usability – a flow status of "Failed" is now displayed with a message prompt as to why document generation failed
  • Fixed an issue where when using the rules conditions to compare with an empty checkbox (Boolean = false), users were being redirected to the “Whoops” page, or errors were being prompted in the flow execution. This issue is also fixed in Reports and Screen Layouts
  • Fixed an issue where when the swapping action order and saving the flow twice would roll back to the original action sequence
  • Fixed an issue where when creating a new version and refreshing the screen, multiple versions were created due to the way the URL was being built


  • The following new values have been added into the Posted Worker Activity Type:
            • Consultancy Services
            • Machine Repairs
            • Group Travel
  • Updated the Posted Worker Activity Type value “Not Working” to the value “Non-Working
  • Fixed an issue, where validation was being applied to the entire form instead of just the visible section when trying to save the record


  • A new view called “Travel Request and related Tasks View” is available allowing users to track travel requests and tasks based on those travel requests without writing complicated queries in the Report Builder


  • A new Stepper feature has been created; screens can now be split into numerous steps, and each step can have their own sections and fields. Once there are multiple steps, “Previous” and “Next” buttons will then automatically appear as part of the Stepper screen
            • Users will now remain in the current step instead of being redirected to the first Stepper screen whenever a required field is left blank
            • Steps will now include configurable HTML help text fields, which will allow users to place any detail or stylized help in each of the steps in the screen
            • Steps will now be evenly distributed across the page width, so that a blank space will not be left in the right side of the screen when there are only a few steps configured
            • Step text will now inherit the color of the step status, whereas the text will be blue when active and green when the status is completed
            • Stepper configuration now supports selecting an icon for each step. By default, if no icon is selected, the step will not have an icon
  • Added the ability to build logical rules using the screen layout rules to conditionally show or hide steps in a Stepper screen
  • Fixed an issue where on using the stepper feature to divide a Task screen (e.g. Edit Task) into multiple steps, was prompting a validation error when trying to save the record
  • Fixed an issue with Screenwork flows (standard view definition types) that were displaying incorrect configuration options
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tasks to incorrectly be rendered as Steps
  • Fixed an issue where when multiple rows were added in rules, deleting of rows were not working as expected


  • Added .msg file extension to the list of accepted file types on document upload.


  • Income Tax Treaty and Social Security Agreement coverage has been updated
  • Calculation will now use the total number of days according to the destination, regardless of home country. However, it will use the home/tax country at the time of request to determine whether a treaty exists (and the number of days permitted by said treaty)


  • Removed asterisk (*) from the Destination State or Province picklist value ‘Taiwan’ when ‘China’ is selected as the Destination Country


  • New configurable action buttons are available offering an enhanced way to trigger Business Rules and simplifying the configuration of adding custom buttons to screens, reports and widgets
  • A new “Actions” page (under the configuration menu), where users can create and configure buttons (caption and style configuration) with a preview option allowing users to immediately see the style of the button being configured in real time. Style configurations include: Style (all bootstrap styles), Shape, Size, Shadow, Glow and Disabled (when checked, the button cannot be clicked). Buttons can also include an icon or just having an icon with no caption
  • Previously configured buttons can be added to the Report Builder using the new “Add Action” button and to screens using the Buttons section of Screen Layouts
  • Improved usability – when an action button is clicked in a report or in a screen, all widgets or the entire screen is automatically refreshed displaying up-to-date data
  • A new "Delete" Button type is now supported and can be added. Users can configure a button to delete a given record the Button is configured for and specify where the user is redirected to (remain on the same page or taken to an internal or an external URL)
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August 01, 2021

PinPoint Immigration

Immigration provides a means for immigration providers and in-house immigration teams to automate the workflow around immigration applications.

Immigration supports smart initiations to allow clients to create new cases and provide information directly. Also included are case management, online questionnaires, status and task tracking, document creation, reporting and automatic alerts.

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business traveller
August 01, 2021

Business Traveller

Travel Requests

Pre-travel assessments help enforce specific business rules while ensuring compliance.

The app makes it easy for employees to enter their travel details to determine if they need immigration, tax or social security support, or if company rules allow them to travel to that location. Business travelers are automatically alerted to travel documentation issues and missing compliance milestones through the app’s automated notifications and triggers.

Travel Calendar

Travel Calendar makes it easy to track past, current, and future travel. Employee travel is automatically tracked through integration with travel providers, or travel approval systems. Once an employee returns from travel, they can easily confirm their trip via mobile app.

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posted workers
August 01, 2021

Posted Workers

Posted Workers tracks employee travel and automatically creates posted worker registrations when required, according to country-specific legislation. The app requests data, tracks completion and creates the completed registration document.

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remote work
August 01, 2021

PinPoint Remote Work

Remote Work is an easy, online solution for employees to request approval for changes to their working arrangements.

The app includes an automated review process to quickly approve cases based on standard or custom rules regarding tax, social security, legal, or in any other area. Complex cases are identified and tracked, prompting for further review or legal advice if needed. Approvals can automatically generate formal letters to the employee and notifications to relevant teams.

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tax organiser
August 01, 2021

Tax Organiser

Tax Organizer simplifies the process of collecting and organizing tax information for a company’s global workforce. Its secure and intuitive employee portal makes it easy to check-in and verify travel, manage tax-related documents and filing information, and receive automated reminders to ensure tax providers have everything they need to complete returns quickly and accurately.

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