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November 23, 2021

You can now add custom CSS classes to fields!

If you've ever wanted to easily style a particular field, you'll find this one useful!

It's now possible to add a custom CSS classname to a field. You can do this by highlighting the field in the builder and editing the "Custom CSS classes" option:

With this, you can use our custom CSS feature to style to your heart's content. This feature will also be useful for Google Tag Manager geeks - classes can be used to target individual elements!

November 03, 2021

You can now edit button font sizes from the form builder

Although some users have been styling their buttons with custom CSS for a while now, we've made it easier to edit button font sizes from within the form builder:

It's easy to edit font size of the continue/submit buttons, too!

October 28, 2021

It's now 1 click to export all leads with one button 🤓

Rather than having to cycle through the leads interface and export leads one page at a time, you can now hit one "Export all leads" button to download the lot:

You'll receive your leads CSV via email, just a moment after hitting the button!

October 28, 2021

Growform's phone fields now support 195 countries 🌎

Whether you live in the US, UK, Italy or... pretty much anywhere - we have good news for you!

Our new phone number fields support 195 countries across the world, so you can collect phone numbers easily no matter where your users are:

Users see a localised placeholder so they know the exact format of phone number they're expected to enter - and as the admin, you can adjust the default country format users see!

October 19, 2021

You can now copy and paste fields with keyboard shortcuts ✂️

Ever had to create multiple similar fields? We had too, so added copy+paste to the builder to make it a breeze.

Just hit "ctrl+c", "ctrl+v" (or your equivalent) to copy fields from any step to another:

October 06, 2021

File upload fields are here 📁

Whether you want a space to let leads upload a CV, a photograph or word document, file uploads should be just you need:

As one of our most requested features, we're excited to see all the possibilities file upload capabilities will unlock!

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