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October 01, 2020

New: Receipt scanning πŸ§Ύβœ”οΈ + Transaction notes

New: Bookkeeping becomes paperless: with Kontist receipt scanning

From now on you can easily digitize and manage your receipts and invoices directly in the Kontist app.

How does receipt scanning work?

For each transaction you will receive a push message reminding you to scan the receipt. This way, you can manage your receipts and invoices in real time, even on the go. You can disable push notifications that remind you about receipt scanning at any time in the notification settings of the Kontist app. Simply choose which notifications you want to receive.

What’s so great about receipt scanning?

Receipt scanning means less paperwork. Storing paper receipts is now a thing of the past. Instead, you can simply keep all your receipts in the Kontist App. If you work with a tax consultant, you can add a note to each transaction to explain your expense, which will be then visible on your bank statements.

How can I get started with this?

It’s very simple. Log in to the Kontist app, choose a transaction and add a PDF or a photo of your receipt. You can also delete or add several receipts to your transaction.

Can I download all receipts at once?

Not yet, but soon. We are working on a new feature to make the CSV export with batch download of all receipts and invoices available to our premium users. This way, you will be able to export them in just a few steps at the end of the month and send them to your tax accountant.

Until then, you can download your receipts and invoices individually by clicking on the β€œshare” button.

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Coming Soon
August 13, 2020

Coming soon: Apple Pay πŸ“±

July 17, 2020

New: Google Pay

New: Pay with Google Pay

With the Kontist Visa Business debit card you can now also use Google Pay. Simply pay with your mobile phone. Add your physical or virtual card to Google Pay and you can pay contactless wherever accepted, like in many shops.

July 17, 2020

NEW: Overdraft πŸ’΅

You can now apply for an overdraft facility between 500 € and 5,000 €. If you need additional liquidity, use the overdraft to overcome a short-term financial bottleneck.

Easily request for an overdraft in the Kontist app and get a response within a few minutes.

Interest rates apply only to the amount used and are due at the end of each quarter. You can cancel at any time.

Find more details here.

July 16, 2020

Automatic Categorization

New: The automatic categorization of your transactions takes even more work off your hands. From now on, your transactions will automatically be categorized in the app as income, taxes, private or business expenses.

How does it work?

The intelligent algorithm constantly learns through changes that you make manually to a transaction category. It only takes 10 transactions, the app gets better with every single one.

For you, this means less manual work, a better overview and even more accurate tax forecasting.

For more information check our in depth Help Center article here.

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