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March 24, 2021

Customize Your League Lobby & Shareable League Signups

Check out our new customizable league lobby for your center. The league lobby can be permanently linked for bowlers to access directly from your website to view league info, and join leagues directly!

Access your center's lobby from the top right toolbar.  

If you wish to post your league's lobby to your website, copy your center's private link by right clicking on the lobby 

or from your URL address bar after visiting the lobby

Sort your leagues by name, start date, bowlers, or any other column. This sorting will be also displayed to your bowlers from the lobby.

Customize the display of your leagues in any order you choose. We plan to add more customizability to the private lobby, and if you have any suggestions or feedback for additions, we're happy to hear.

Bowlers can view any league info or join leagues directly from your center's league lobby.

Link directly to league's info or directly to the signup form by clicking on the name of the league, and copying the link, or clicking on join, and copying the URL from the browser.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or additions for your center's lobby, please reach out to us any time!

LeaguePals Support


February 26, 2021

February Updates

Standings Updates

- Lane schedule Preview For Printed Report With Ability To Select Amount Of Weeks To Preview

- Added Team Handicap Column For Web And Printed Standings

- Display Team's Leaderboards (High 10/30) In Web And Printed Standings

- Added Team Series Previews To Last Week's Scores Area In Web And Printed Standings

- Display Total Wins/Losses From Entire League Season On Web And Printed Standings

- Added Customizable League Message With Markdown To Top Of Web And Printed Standings

- Ability To Customize Font Size In Standard And Compact Standings Printed

Create & Edit League Enhancements

- Updated All Terminology To Utilize More Widely Accepted Bowling League Terms

- Redesigned Create And Edit League Pages To Be More User Friendly, And More Easily Identify Separate Sections

- Added Visual Buttons For Rules To Help Identify Selections

- Updated Default Create League Values To More Widely Acceptable Standards

- Added An "Update League" Button That Appears On Any Tab That Has Unsaved Edits, And Will Prompt To Confirm Leaving Page With Unsaved Edits

- Added File Name As An Editable Field, And To Easily Identify File Names When Linking In Your Scoring Server

- Added More Completed And Detailed Tooltips To Each League Option

Manage Teams Enhancements

- Added Ability To Drag And Drop Bowlers From One Team To Another And Have Their Bowling Stats Move As Well

Leaderboards Enhancements

- Added Toggle For Allowing/Disallowing Bowlers To Qualify For More Than One Season Leaderboard

- Print Leaderboards & Web Leaderboards Different Amount Of Positions

Online Payments Updates

- Added Weekly and Monthly Options To Automatic Weekly Dues Payments

November 12, 2020

League Season Updates

Online Payments Updates:

Require Entry Fee On Lobby Signup - When an entry fee is populated in your league settings, we have added the ability to require the bowler to pay their entry fee upon signing up from the league lobby. Additionally, there is the option to allow or disable bowlers from inviting their friends in the lobby.   Bowlers who are invited to the league, will show their entry fee owed on their dashboard.

League Rules Updates:

Different Handicap Rules For Individual and Team - Added support for two different handicap rules for individual and team handicaps to game rules and an updated UI.

Individual Points Win/Loss Tracking - Individual points are now tracked in the bowlers profile. With this we have added individual points to each bowler's row in team lists, printed standings, and leaderboards.

Drop Average Limit - Drop average limits have been added to league rules. This works for limits on individual handicaps, as well as team handicaps.

Reporting Updates:

Game Award Reports - Game awards for 250+, 279+, 290+ and 700 Series have been added to the Adult/Youth Award Report as options. We have also added options for All Adult Awards, and All Youth Awards.

Standings Print Sort By Lane - Printed standings bowler list can now be sorted by lane, to give a preview of this week's matchups.

Bench Bowlers On Recaps - Bench bowlers are now available to be listed in recap sheets up to 5 bowlers per team.

Dashboard Updates:

Onboarding Checklists - Getting up and started with your new league season as quickly and easily as possible is our main priority. To help you along the way, we've created checklists to guide you through the process.

Cloud Scoring Status - The connection status between your center's scoring server and LeaguePals Cloud Scoring is now available on your dashboard.

Other Updates:

Refresh Match - Inside edit match, we have added a refresh match button. This will take the match that's in edit mode, and re-score the match. This is useful when changing league rules, and needing to re-score old matches.

Bowler Update Team Name - Bowlers now have the ability to update their own team's name from their LeaguePals app.

July 16, 2020

Vacancy Bowler & Vacancy Team Enhancements

As requested from our great customers, we have made many vacant and vacancy enhancements.

Vacant Bowler - Vacant bowlers will now automatically show in teams rosters when they do not have enough bowlers to fill the team. This was previously limited to printed recap sheets, but is now shown on manage teams page as well. As bowlers are added to the team, the Vacants will disappear.

Vacant Teams - Vacant teams will now automatically show in leagues with odd numbers of teams. This was also previously limited to printed recap sheets, but will now show on manage teams. As you add teams to the league, the Vacant Team will disappear when an even number of teams are added.

Vacant Scores Based On Gender Or Age - There is now a new rule setting in your league rules to turn on different Vacant scores based on Gender or Age.

These options will show when editing teams with this rule enabled in manage teams on Vacant Bowlers and Teams. Just select from the dropdown to select which Vacancy Score to choose for the team.

These options are also now available on adding or editing matches as well.

We really appreciate your constant feedback, and please don't hesitate to reach out with any you have.


The LeaguePals Team


June 09, 2020

Ready For Leagues To Be Back And Better Than Ever!

We've been hard at work getting ready for when your leagues will be back! Check out our latest updates and changes:

Historical Standings - Historical Standings Sheets are now available for all of your active and archived leagues. There is no action necessary to enable historical standings, as long as your league's matches for each week are available in the database. The new week selector at the top of the page will change the week for all data inside the scoring tab. If your league was a mid-season conversion, historical standings will be available up until the week you converted to LeaguePals.

Duplicate League - We understand getting back to leagues is a busy time, and in that process creating leagues as fast as possible is important. We have added duplicate league function that will allow you to copy a previous season's league, or even just a template you want to use for multiple new leagues.

All information from the previous league is pre-populated, just decide which information you want to bring or change.

Bring some, all, or none of your league bowlers, and their previous league season data.

Lane Schedule Modifications - We're glad that centers are open and taking precautions for social distancing in their centers. Based on feedback from our centers, we have implemented two types of lane schedule modifications that can be enabled from your edit/create league wizard "League Info" tab:

One Team Per Pair Of Lanes: Enabling this option will allow your lane schedule to enable each team in your matchups on separate pairs spaced across four lanes. By default the first team will be placed on the first available lane in your settings. Selecting the right arrow as well will update that weeks matchups to the second lane in the pair. Typically, your default lane schedule will not have enough lanes to accommodate this. If this happens, you will get a warning to please add more lanes.

Skip A Pair Of Lanes: Enabling this option will allow your lane schedule to enable skipping a pair of lanes between matches.

Changes Made On Lanes Modal - It is now easier than ever to make and approve changes bowlers make on lane. We've added an "Add All To Roster" button that will help in week 1 when you send out empty teams, and bowlers enter their names on the lanes and you want to create all the teams from those entries. We have also added a warning when a bowler's name entered on lanes has been found in your bowlers database. Clicking the database icon will link the bowler to the databased bowler.

As always we look forward to your feedback, and happy to help get your leagues up and running when you're ready to open!

Stay Safe,

LeaguePals Team


April 10, 2020

Report Updates - Here to help!

We hope you're all staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. While bowling may be on hold for now, we're still pushing ahead and making improvements based on your feedback, and when leagues do return, we'll be ready to go better than ever!

Reports - We now have a whole new reporting view where you can preview the report prior to printing or exporting to your desired format of CSV, XLS, or PDF.

Customize the columns in your report by dragging and organizing as desired. Sort columns by clicking on the column title.

Print reports or save them as a pdf. If the report doesn't look as desired, change your print settings for portrait/landscape, and or change the scale to fit more or less content on the printed report.

If you have any questions on this or anything else, please let us know we're here to help!


The LeaguePals Team


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